A Sting Exclusive: “Climate change and youth inaction: oblivion or nonchalance?”, AIESEC wonders from Brussels

This article was exclusively written for the Sting by Sisekelo Sinyolo, President of AIESEC Belgium.  “Climate change? What do you mean? The weather is the same for me. It’s just a figment of your imagination. It doesn’t affect my day-to-day life, why should I be concerned?” I can see now with the benefit of hindsight […]

A young person’s perspective on the Paris and Beirut attacks and aftermath

  Written by Daniela Dandes, head of marketing and communication of AIESEC in Belgium On the evening of November the 13th, around 300 young people were attending an AIESEC conference in De Panne, Belgium. They were present at the national conference, taking part in different sessions and workshops. Everything up to that point felt like an […]

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

Written by Uzanziga Ange-Raïssa, AIESEC Belgium “Travel, see the world, discover breath-taking places and have life-changing experiences” This is on the bucket list of many young people or even on the things-to-do-before-turning-30-list. But few wake up pack their bags and decide to finally go on adventure. Nevertheless, travelling while young is a life-changing experience that […]

Travel the world, find yourself

Written by Margot Vanfleteren, AIESEC Belgium 196 countries, 7 continents, 270 nationalities and 300 languages. Enough to explore and discover during your life. Right now I’m 21 years young. Throughout my life I had the opportunity to travel the world. Currently I’ve visited all continents. When people ask me what my life goal or dream […]

Legal Manager – 2050

Industry: Start-up Incubator and Internet Start-up company Job Description: Job Description Department the intern will be working Legal department, provision of legal advisory & ensuring effective legal and contractual management Job Description1 Leadership: Provide leadership and ensure efficient and effective management of staff and resources in the Legal department // Policy Development: Review and advise […]



Tackling Youth Unemployment

Written by Arnaud B. Muller, AIESEC ICHEC, LCVP TM When asked to write a piece about youth and employment, my first reaction was: they did not choose the right topic. They had better gone with youth and unemployment, because let’s be honest, this is mostly what we hear nowadays and most definitely something most young […]

Global Citizen-Volunteer Internships

Country: Brazil Company: Project X4CHANGE Area of Focus: Volunteer Develop and prepare all the material (language classes, topics, themes) and methodology (conversation groups, computer sessions) to be used during the project. Teach basic English and/or Spanish for different groups.

Global Citizen-Volunteer Internships

Country: Colombia Company: Language Project Area of Focus: Volunteer To teach and support French classes by developing workshops and activities with students. To develop projects related to French learning skills To support the activities of the language center. To share your culture among students. https://opportunities.aiesec.org/opportunity/87023

Global Citizen-Volunteer Internships

Country: South Africa Company: Tshwane Home Of Hope Area of Focus: Teach basic computer skills on a daily basis. For example, Microsoft documents usage such as typing a letter using MsWord, MsExcel skills, etc… Once a week you will conduct a discussion session with the girls based on a topic of your choice. https://opportunities.aiesec.org/opportunity/92807

Global Citizen-Volunteer Internships

Country: The Philippines Company: Be In The Pink Dlsu Area of Focus: Volunteer Interact with the organizers of PFBCI and breast cancer patients and/or survivors and talk about their situation and how they cope on their daily lives. There is a possibility of having an overnight immersion on the patients’ homes. Have a buddy (breast […]

Global Citizen – Volunteer Internships

Country: Malaysia Company: Amitabha Centre Johor Area of Focus: Volunteer Give tuition classes for orphanage of NGO in English subject to improve their English oral speaking skills and Grammar. (You can prepare some words in English about daily life or create some game to let children to practice their English) https://opportunities.aiesec.org/opportunity/89697

Global Citizen-Volunteer Internships

Country: Egypt Company: Office Of Student Development (American University in Cairo) Area of Focus: Volunteer Work in co-ordination with the Directors of Departments to do the OSD activities. Organize and coordinate between the different student organizations on campus and facilitate their operations. Organize cultural activities that bridge the gap between students from different nationalities… https://opportunities.aiesec.org/opportunity/71552

Global Citizen-Volunteer Internships

Country: Tunisia Company: Kifi Kifek Area of Focus: Volunteer Take care of people in need, play games with them, organize learning circles with them, play sport with them, and play music for them in order to make them feel at ease and integrated in the social life. Help the project team in the planning events. […]

Global Citizen – Volunteer Internships

Programme: Global Citizen – Volunteer Internships Country: Bahrain Company: Ajyal National Project Area of Focus: Volunteer The project is based on working with University and high school students of 15-24 years old. The main task is to design effective training according to established educational program on topics such as entrepreneurship, soft-skills, cultural difference, career planning […]

Matthias in Canada

Name: Mattias Last Name: Carette Programme: Global Internship Programme University: University of Gent Country of Internship: Canada I’m extremely excited for my upcoming experience in Canada! I have always aspired an international career and my eager to gain some cultural experience outside of Europe led me to this country. The hardest part is deciding to […]

Alice in Colombia

Name: Alice Last Name: Martin Age: 22 Programme: Global Internship Programme University: Université Saint-Louis Country of Internship: Colombia I arrived in Colombia one month ago so I’m already living this amazing experience right now 🙂 I was very excited before coming here of course, although I was a bit nervous too because everything would be […]

To entrepreneurship and beyond!

Often I hear people saying that entrepreneurship is dead, especially with young people. And numbers do support this. When you look at indicators for entrepreneurship such as the TEA-index, we see that Europe is definitely not a top performer in the world. The United States leaves Europe far behind. These numbers open the door for […]

Consultant in Forensic Technology – 1969

Industry: Assurance, tax and advisory services Job Description: 1: Work as part of a team delivering the following client services: Data imaging and recovery Using advanced IT Technical Solutions to uncover evidence Defining, developing and documenting business and system requirements Assessing and documenting data and transactional flows Writing SQL queries and procedures to aid data […]

Liaison Officer – 2020

Industry: International HR Solutions Job Description:  1: As the candidate liaison officer, you are the initial point of contact for candidates involved in our recruitment projects (summits, online events, other specific projects….)2: You make sure applications are successfully submitted. You answer all types of queries and provide project / summit’ participants with relevant information before […]

Community Manager – 1289

Industry: NGO specialized in Sustainability projects Job Description: 1: Activate the presence and activities of the NGO on social media worldwide (including regional or local media) 2: Develop the network of people following the NGO on social media – increase # of members worldwide 3: Develop a social media plan 4: Accompany the launch of […]

Vendor Pulse – 2000

Industry: Food and Beverage portfolio Job Description: 1: a. Through the ”Vendor Pulse” project, the main objective is to increase the company`s service level at one of the top 3 customers, while reducing out of stocks, missed sales, and increasing on shelf availability of their products. b. You will have to learn to work with […]

Project Manager – 2024

Industry: Communication and Marketing focused on eCampaigns Job Description: 1. Project time management / Delivery to client; 2. Building strategic project proposals 3. Day to day project management and support 4. Day to day client managment/relationship development 5. Day to day project trouble shooting 6. Produce breifing documents/brief team with Account Manager’s support 7. Providing […]

Service Engineer Intern – 1991

Industry: Software photoplotters and direct imaging systems Job Description: Installation of new Direct Imaging Equipment on customer site Support Direct Imaging Equipment and Laser plotters (hard- and front end software) Service Direct Imaging Equipment and Laser plotters (hard- and front end software) Telephone and remote support to customers from the office One of the headquarters […]

Human Resources Information Systems Specialist Trainee – 2013

Job Description: 1: HRIS subject matter expert 2: Follow-up day-to-day activities issues and requests 3: Data Analysis (IT tools) 4: Project involvement: system in Latin America 5: HR Reporting follow-up Salary: EUR 1,200.00 Duration: 6 months – 1 year Apply Now:  http://aiesec.be/internships-in-belgium/

Global Talent – Professional Internships

Programme: Global Talent – Professional Internships Country: Czech Republic Company: Logic Point, S.r.o. Area of focus: Marketing Job Description: To prepare marketing plan of the company for new financial year To prepare activity plan for the marketing plan implementation To include our online presence (Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinpoint) into communication plan To prepare marketing campaigns […]

Joris in Indonesia

First Name: Joris Last Name: Finck Age: 23 Programme: Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) University: Ghent University Country of Internship: Indonesia For six weeks I joined an international team with 17 different nationalities in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Supported by the local AIESEC team we were able to consult local SME’s in their daily business. […]

Cédric in India

First Name: Cédric Last Name: Labarre University: Université Catholique de Louvain Country of Internship: India My experience with AIESEC has been very rich and interesting on a personal as well as professional level. I would recommend this kind of experience to everybody. I’ve been selected last year for an internship as a Project Manager in […]

Bram in Colombia

First Name: Bram Last Name: Schevenels Age: 21 Programme: Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) University: KU Leuven Country of Internship: Comombia I went on a volunteer internship to Colombia. I taught English in a small village in Colombia. Most people there worked in the mines or as a farmer. The people were incredibly friendly. It […]

Alexandre in Czech Republic

First Name: Alexandre Last Name: Melotte Age: 23 Programme: Global Internship Programme (GIP) University: Vrije Universiteit Belgium Country of Internship: Czech Republic Hi all, I am here now for a bit less than 2 moths, and this experience is getting better and better. But like every one who go abroad, it is always difficult to […]

Diana in Vietnam

First Name: Diana Last Name: Wanjiku Age: 23 Programme: Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) University: Vesalius College Brussels Country of Internship: Vietnam Mai Hoa Shelter: HIV Care Center This is only a fraction of my wonderful experience but certainly the most life changing. “Don’t be scared to shake the hand of a client with HIV […]

Charlotte in Ghana

First Name: Charlotte Last Name: Perrichot Age: 20 Programme: Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) University: Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel Country of Internship: Ghana Hello everyone,My name is Charlotte Perrichot and I study Environmental and prevention management in Brussels. This summer I went to Ghana for 6 weeks to work as a volunteer in a basic school and […]