Cédric in India

India-AIESEC-04 (1)

First Name: Cédric
Last Name: Labarre
University: Université Catholique de Louvain
Country of Internship: India
My experience with AIESEC has been very rich and interesting on a personal as well as professional level. I would recommend this kind of experience to everybody.
I’ve been selected last year for an internship as a Project Manager in India at Tata Consultancy Services in the outsourcing division of the company. There are a lot of positives things about that experience, like meeting fantastic people, discovering a new culture, doing an interesting job with really nice colleagues,… But you will hear these aspects often so I would like to emphasize the toughest part of my experience, India. Honestly , it has not been always easy and fun, especially at the beginning. A lot of people cannot support that “Indian” environment and are leaving after a few days or weeks. But all the challenges that I faced had been a wonderful learning experience and I feel grown up. So even if initially it seems difficult, do not worry, once you understand your environment and you adapt to it, you will fully enjoy your experience.
From a professional perspective, my internship has been very valuable for me. Now, my CV illustrates my capacity to adapt to any environment and through this experience abroad I learned to communicate and interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds as well as being independent. You will be able to emphasize a strength that will differentiate you from the rest. And I personally like the whole “international outlook” thing and believe that this is especially important in today’s world as businesses get more globally interlinked.

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