Vendor Pulse – 2000

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Industry: Food and Beverage portfolio

Job Description:
a. Through the ”Vendor Pulse” project, the main objective is to increase the company`s service level at one of the top 3 customers, while reducing out of stocks, missed sales, and increasing on shelf availability of their products.
b. You will have to learn to work with a specific tool that enables this company to track daily sold volumes, stock levels and prices of all selling points at one of our customers
a. Quantifying the opportunities: a. Use a Pareto analysis on which products and KPIs to focus and divide your energy and attention accordingly
b. This could, for example, lead to a whole new forecasting system, where low variability products are forecasted differently from products that fluctuate more due to promo or seasonality.
3: Putting standard reports in place and making sure they are being used by the key users in the correct way and at the right time.
4: Align with our customer so that they are involved and informed about various projects
a. Compare results of the situation before-after and communicate results to key stakeholders on a regular basis
b. Measurable results expected from the intern Efficiency in the analysis, quality of reports and improvement suggested.
Salary: EUR 1,450.00
Duration: 1 year
Expected Start Date: ASAP
Requirements: English and Project Management experience. Preferred: Masters, Cost accounting, Introductory Business Administration and Finance, Presentation skills and Marketing/sales skills

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