Global Citizen-Volunteer Internships


Country: Egypt

Company: Office Of Student Development (American University in Cairo)

Area of Focus: Volunteer

Work in co-ordination with the Directors of Departments to do the OSD activities. Organize and coordinate between the different student organizations on campus and facilitate their operations. Organize cultural activities that bridge the gap between students from different nationalities…










the European Sting Milestones

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Solidarity needed to overcome ‘isolated’ attacks on Venezuela refugees, migrants

UN receives ‘Humanium’ wristwatch gift, symbolizing peaceful transformation

Tuesday’s Daily Brief: UNESCO ready to help after Notre Dame fire, and updates on Libya, Nicaragua, and the Cyclone Idai response

Brexit Update: EU endorses unprecedented compromise to help Cameron out of the referendum mess he got himself into

OECD Steel Committee concerned about excess capacity in steel sector

The EU condemns Faroe Islands and Iceland to poverty

Trump’s self-centered politics unravels

Presidents of pan-European youth organisations call upon the European Council to preserve the Schengen principles

Yemen war: The battle rages on, children suffer most

The Fourth Industrial Revolution needs a social revolution, too. Here’s how we can make this happen

Social inclusion: how much should young people hope from the EU? 

Rising human trafficking takes on ‘horrific dimensions’: almost a third of victims are children

How a trade war would impact global growth

Financial abuse of elderly ‘rampant, but invisible’, says UN expert

UK must make clear what it wants, MEPs say in Brexit debate

Judges urge Security Council to serve interests of all UN Member States

Italy’s M.Renzi and Germany’s S. Gabriel veto austerity, ask EU leaders to endorse growth measures

A skills gap is jeopardizing efforts to end energy poverty

Why climate change matters for future health professionals

OECD: Rising employment overshadowed by unprecedented wage stagnation

London to say hello or goodbye to Brussels this week

CHINA: five letters that could mean…

“They are trying to make improvements, but of course they are quite slow for my generation”, Vice President of JADE Victor Soto on another Sting Exclusive

Chart of the day: These countries have the largest carbon footprints

Saudi woman seeking asylum in Thailand ‘now in a secure place’ says UNHCR

‘At risk’ Mediterranean forests make ‘vital contributions’ to development

UN rights office calls on Zimbabwe Government to end ‘crackdown’ in response to fuel protests

EU responds to terror fallout by eroding borderless Europe and molesting the refugees

JADE Testimonial #3: Sebastian @ Fundraising

Jade Spring Meeting 2017 – day 2: Coporate workshops, general assembly and magna moment

Commission: Do it like the Americans in the food sector

6 things to know about the General Assembly as UN heads into high level week

Tax crimes: special committee calls for a European financial police force

Electric vehicles are half the market in Norway

Commission’s action against imports from China questioned

Our present and future tax payments usurped by banks

Brexit: PM May must hush Boris Johnson to unlock the negotiations

Eurozone: Uncertain future with unemployment ravaging the South

The Parliament sets the way for the European Banking Union

Health: The neglected aspect of climate change

Climate change recognized as ‘threat multiplier’, UN Security Council debates its impact on peace

Is continuous sanctioning the way to resolve the Ukrainian crisis?

Human Rights: breaches in Cambodia, Uganda and Myanmar

How Japan became the world leader in floating solar power

Drought in Europe: Commission presents additional measures to support farmers

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