iSting: Change the World with your Writing

Dear aspirant Sting writers,

Thanks for responding positively to our invitation to take part with your articles in making Europe a better place through constructive criticism. This is a different kind of writing than your comments on published stories.

We hope that being readers of the Sting, you have already understood the basic principles of our endeavour.

These are our founding principles. We would like however to elaborate a bit on them. Starting from criticism, it must be clarified that it needs to be constructive and not senselessly destructive, substantiated and not just partisan and to the point.

Turning to the democratic dialogue, the fact that the Sting is here to promote it does not mean we are accepting for publishing whatever material is offered. We need to protect you for malicious writing. Opinions have to authentically represent the well- meant interests of an individual or a group of people, which do not unduly undermine the interests of others. Moreover, every citizen of the world has the right to speak his voice here. The story would need though to engage also Europe or Europeans in the matter.

As for the respectful manner of our writings, we all must show respect for the English language, not to mistreat it or use unnecessarily harsh and obscene expressions.

Stories that are considered to be advertorials, describing or advertising a service, website or product will not be accepted for publication within the iSting. The existence of the iSting project has nothing to do with advertising, but rather with stimulating our readers from all over the world with interesting thoughts and ideas on global and European affairs and news. The iSting is your voice to the world.

Coming to the structure of stories, the text needs to have a deductive composition, divided by paragraphs, with an introduction, main theme and a conclusion or epilogue. This does not mean that we will reject a well-targeted extended comment, observation or question.

Last but not least the length of your stories is also important. We set no strict lower limit. For the ceiling, though, we think that 900 words are more than enough to develop and present a theme, a case, a fact, a comment, an analysis or a report without losing the attention of the reader.

Know that your email address will be your signature in your story and this will be visible under its title.

Visit the iSting Section now! See what the citizens of the world are writing about Europe.

Send your Sting now at and be part of the Hive that will change Europe and the world.

Thank you for your aspiration to take part in this democratic journey that has been changing the world for a decade now.


  1. Aryan Wankhede says:

    If our article is selected or rejected, do we get notified either way?

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