How to improve access to cancer medicines in low and middle-income countries

This article is brought to you thanks to the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum. Author: Cary Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) Cancer deaths in low and middle-income countries accounted for 70% of the global total in 2020. Inadequate healthcare systems are a major barrier to patients accessing life-saving […]

The Sting’s Mission

The European Sting is a new Media Project that was born out of frustration, our sincere frustration about the lack of insightful and independent news service in Europe. The Sting was born as an idea by people who are working or have worked in the media arena of EU affairs and our common denominator is […]

The Sting’s Values

These are the five perennial values of The European Sting: Strong         we will never stop looking for the truth Tolerant         we commit to a free and respectful dialogue with political and cultural tolerance Independent         we are literally on our own Neutral       […]

The Sting’s Team

The European Sting started off in Brussels against all odds, with no resources but a passionate team of well educated people coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures who have worked in the EU Affairs media arena and decided to put a clear stop to the misinformation and the biased agenda setting in the EU and […]

iSting: Change the World with your Writing

Dear aspirant Sting writers, Thanks for responding positively to our invitation to take part with your articles in making Europe a better place through constructive criticism. This is a different kind of writing than your comments on published stories. We hope that being readers of the Sting, you have already understood the basic principles of our […]

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