The Sting’s Mission

The European Sting is a Media Project that was born out of frustration, our sincere frustration about the lack of insightful and independent news service in Europe. The Sting was originally born as an idea by people in EU affairs and our common denominator is disappointment. We could not believe that the citizens of the world, European or not European, cannot have free access to factual journalism.

People need to know what is really happening in Europe and the World. The European Union is a collective democratic political and economical project and all the EU officials and stakeholders must account to each one of the 500 million people who give meaning to the word Europe. It is the right of every European and world citizen to be provided with top quality insightful journalism about the European Union affairs, regardless of her education or background.

The European Sting is sending an open invitation to the citizens of the world to find out what is really happening in European Affairs and what are the consequences of decision-making in Europe to the rest of the world. What is more, the Sting welcomes its readers to take part in this constructive and critical dialogue for a better Europe and world. Everyone out there has the right to publish a critical story at the Sting, everyone has the right to place another stone in the barrier that will keep away bad and biased information about Europe and the World and will secure a better Democracy.

Early Milestones

wef-banner 2015

G20 Antalya banner





  1. Super idea. Just read my first article on European Sting. Well written and organized. Bravo. The only short coming was a fast blinking, distracting, message at the bottom.

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