Community Manager – 1289

Industry: NGO specialized in Sustainability projects

Job Description:
1: Activate the presence and activities of the NGO on social media worldwide (including regional or local media)
2: Develop the network of people following the NGO on social media – increase # of members worldwide
3: Develop a social media plan
4: Accompany the launch of NGO application on social mediaMeasurable results expected from the intern: Increase appearance of NGO’s activities/news/comments/info in social media Increased number of members of the NGO, followers and application download.Other Details of the Working Conditions: This is a volunteer work, so there is no salary included. However, the NGO will provide a very good accommodation (single bedroom) for the two trainees involved in this project. Also, there is a possibility to receive lunch during working days (to be confirmed by the NGO).

Salary: –
Duration: 10 weeks – 12 weeks
Expected Start Date: ASAP
Requirements: English and Introductory Marketing.
Preparation required from the intern before arrival: Self learning about sustainable development & NGO: worldwide initiatives, solutions, organisations, social media to use. Special will to work with sustainability, inspiring profile, creative, self-organized and a very motivated person.


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