“China needs to convince the EU that it is worth having an investment agreement” but not the EU to convince China? China-EU Leaders’ Meeting 2020 calls for mutual “transparency, reciprocity and respect”

Last Monday, the very important China-EU Leaders’ Meeting took place through videoconference due to the COVID-19 pandemic, between China’s President Xi, the President of the EU Council Michel and the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. There is no doubt that after the wide criticism regarding the EU’s mistakes during June’s China-EU […]

One Hundred Years of Qipao History: from Shanghai to EU

It was yesterday that the Chinese Mission to EU organised a beautiful journey to Chinese fashion and tradition at the China Cultural Center in Brussels. The exhibition “From Shanghai to Brussels: One hundred years of qipao History” featured a range of qipao gowns, old photographs, traditional illustrated calendars; that provided the visitors with a splendid […]

The Sichuan Province of China presents its cultural treasure to the EU

It was earlier today that the Mission of China to the EU and the Embassy of China in the Kingdom of Belgium co-hosted a seated lunch reception at the prestigious Tangla Hotel in Brussels, presenting the rich heritage of China’s Sichuan Province. This event was organised in the framework of the crucial China-EU Tourism thematic […]

EU-China Light Bridge in Brussels signals the bright coming of the Year of The Dog

Yesterday evening, a reception was held at the Brussels City Hall, as part of an event called “EU-China Light Bridge”, inspired by the Chinese New Year of the Dog and the China-EU Tourism Year, 2018. The reception consisted of Chinese traditional performances together with the lighting up ceremony of lanterns surrounding the heart of Grand […]

China Unlimited and the Chinese dream

This article was exclusively written for The Sting by Mr Dimitar Papukchiev, one of the winners of the China Unlimited competition and participant at the China Unlimited trip last month. I was deeply impressed by the economic growth of China. The Chinese good governance has a very good strategy to expand further the economic growth through the […]

Opening Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Yang Yanyi, Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU at the Chinese Fashion Night

Opening Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Yang Yanyi, Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU at the Chinese Fashion Night: “Mr. Yan Zhenquan, Director of the China Culture Center in Brussels, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is my great pleasure to join you at the Opening Ceremony of the Chinese Fashion Night. On behalf […]

Imaginary Journeys Into Eternal China

By Armand , FR  Imaginary Dialogues We will join at the dawn (1) Chinese and European practitioners of tai chi (2) to express altogether the harmony of Life and welcome the rising Sun And will enjoy the nascent lighting day as a newborn We will read ‘Water Margin’ (3) to grasp the deep sense of […]

The Catcher in the Rice

Written by Jiří , CZ You have to watch out in China, hon. There’s gonna be an undercover agent watching each one of you all the time. If they see you taking pictures of some public buildings they’re going to grab you, put in a tiny cell and demand a ransom.  My mother, she only […]

So different, so close – for two twinning cities

Written by Desislava , BG A Bulgarian proverb says: A brother won’t feed his brother, but woe betide whoever has none.( Even though family can only help so far, it’s always better to have them around.) There have always been crises in the world. People usually look for close and distant friends, but for real […]

My ‘’cultural’’ contacts with China

By Greti , BG  Hello, dear friends from Europe and China! I am thirteen years old Bulgarian girl and all I know about China till now, came from my favourite cartoon ‘’Mulan’’ (I watched it hundreds of times), old videos with my father’s favourite actors Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, and ‘’Kung Fu Panda’’.I was […]

My unlimited China

By Tatiana, IT   The curiosity of discovering something you’ve never seen. The fear of it. What you (don’t) expect to see and what you will never see instead. Put yourself to the test. Overcome your limits and fears and broaden your horizon. Taste new food – especially street food – and new flavors coming from different […]

A Year in China

By Andrew, GB If you are in your late teens or twenties, and you are studying a degree programme, I personally don’t believe I could ever give you any better advice other than; live in China for at least one year of your life. Here, in the UK, we live in a country saturated with […]

Lost in translation

By Dominique, BE   This could have been the beginning of a novel, or a short story or even a letter, as a bottle in the sea, as a “do not forget, always remember.” An amazing story …. for a second , you realize that everything could change.  Very ironically, you feel as being nobody […]

The Chinese spirit

By Djamila, BE  The Chinese spirit is a dragon. He was born from a civilization of thousands years. He draws his power from his respect for traditions and love for innovation Fearless and conscious of his worth, he flies free over the oceans. He has been ready for a long time to conquer the world, […]

Dear China

By Cécile, BE  Dear China, How have you been lately? I hope you are doing fine. I am sorry we haven’t been in touch for a while. I do read a lot about you in the papers. I must admit I am pretty proud of you. I am so pleased to hear you finally banned […]

To my Chinese friend

By Oana, RO  Hello, my Chinese friend!I never met you but I hope that we will know each other soon. Untill then please allow me to introduce myself. And because I do not like to speak about me, let’s imagine that we speak about a girl named RO and allow me to write you about […]

The Shifting Rhythms of Harmonious China: Ancient, Modern & Eternal

By Hassan , GB  As virtuous as wealth, power and strength may be, what value do they possess in the absence of harmony? For it is within the immaterial power and presence of harmony that the true spirit of China’s prosperity can be found. Harmony forms the essence of a glorious and timeless civilisation in […]

The Changing Scope of International Economic Relations – Chinese Leadership in the 21st Century

By Svetoslav, BG  The crisis in Ukraine from March 2014 sparked a fire between the West and Russia that will smoulder long after its resolution. The conflict carries the potential for enormous repercussions – social, political, and economic – for both sides. With the outstripping growth of many Asian economies – China, South Korea, Singapore, […]

It is me

By Andrea-Henrietta, RO  I am dancing among my thoughts and imaginations; I am flying up to the highest mountain peak. Here I lay my head down on my fluffy cloud pillow and shroud myself in my blanket of dreams… Slowly, very slowly, I enter the world of fantasy. One drop of my thought rain, a […]

The Stray

By Elizabeth, BE Am I dead? I feel nothing. I taste nothing. I only see. Oh God, I can’t hear. Why is everything so quiet? The silence dents my brain. It oozes out into the spaceless void that are my immediate surroundings. I feel terrified. Why am I here? If I don’t think, don’t remember, […]

The Tears of lovely Memories

By Jakub , CZ I was sitting by her bed on wooden chair in the Saint Anne’s hospital for older people. On the walls were hanged paintings with vibrantly flowering roses. They were really restful. I held and caressed her old however beautiful and smooth hand. She got the last injection of our hope. It […]


By Therese, MT  In this time and age of crisis, success is touch and go, its stifling, common practice.I am China, a unique land, once fragile as a plant. This dream is what I nourished: to impress, adding to what I am and own instead of holding on to what I have accumulated over the […]

My Mothers

By Nio, ES  How long ago my earliest ancestors were nomads in one of those primitively vast and scenic frontiers, they would never have imagined the reformed images of these lands today, nor expected to have overseas descendants. Yet, I am, a Chinese root European citizen whose pulse never stop adoring her motherland – where the […]

How China Mended My Heart

By Silke, BE  After a course of events at home, I found that everything was getting on top of me. I was close to a nervous breakdown and I could no longer continue the way I was going. I was in desperate need of a break. I found an organisation that offered a 6-month program in […]

A machine din

By Pierre , BE  Furor rises far in the East, Where a blaze breathes hot flames that burn helpless faces. An infernal noise of creaking cogs coils the nerves Of the weary blacksmiths who strike the steel. Their sweat fuels their stake, And as they hit, they melt away. They grumble as they struggle, But […]

China, forever new adventures

By Bogdan-Ioan, RO During this eventful trip to the heart of China, my soul attained a paramount contentment. Many adventurous people’s burning desire is to experience insights of civilizations totally different from their own. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to grant myself one of my most daring wishes at such a young age […]


By Citra, RO My father is a sailor, though my country doesn’t have any seaside. I was twelve, when me and my mother joined him on a trip, back in 1989, when this country changed clothes, things happened, like never before, and I missed all of this. Where were we then, instead of our nice […]

Journey of my life

By Kertész , HU My father is a sailor, though my country doesn’t have any seaside. I was twelve, when me and my mother joined him on a trip, back in 1989, when this country changed clothes, things happened, like never before, and I missed all of this. Where were we then, instead of our […]

Love unlimited

By Tereza , CZ It´s 15th century, the Ming dynasty reigns China. My name is Meifeng and I live in a small village that happens to be 10 li (5 kilometres) away from the Shaolin temple. I am an ordinary poor girl doing her best to help my family, selling fish and herbs, trying not to […]

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities

By Terry, BE Many years ago, I had a dream. My dream was to help children grow. To help them believe in their dreams. My dream was to become an adoptive parent. I realized many children in the world needed love, trust, a family… I wanted to give them all the love and trust they needed, and to […]

Zhua Zhou: Choosing The Future

By Emerald, BE It was a clear crisp day in the Belgian capital as the morning rays entered an Art Nouveau apartment where special preparations were being made for a celebratory ceremony. In this particular flat lived a small family of three; a Chinese father, a Belgian mother and their little son, who on this […]

A Sting Exclusive: China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi on South China Sea issue at the ASEAN Regional Forum

Written speech made by Mr Wang Yi, Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China at the ASEAN Regional Forum on 06/08/2015 On 6 August local time, during the Foreign Ministers’ Meetings of the East Asia Summit (EAS) and ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), the Philippine Foreign Minister attacked China on its South China Sea policy and […]

China-EU Special Report: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang endorses China’s big investment on Juncker’s plan at 10th China-EU Business Summit

This week amidst the turbulent environment of the EU/Greek crisis, Brussels offered sufficient clues showing that the EU will face the Greek issue rapidly and will go on. China-EU investment relations are increasingly on the spotlight lately and this week culminated with the development of the 17th China-EU Summit and the 10th EU-China Business Summit and on side-events […]