It is me

By Andrea-Henrietta, RO

 China Unlimited Europe 2015I am dancing among my thoughts and imaginations; I am flying up to the highest mountain peak. Here I lay my head down on my fluffy cloud pillow and shroud myself in my blanket of dreams…

Slowly, very slowly, I enter the world of fantasy. One drop of my thought rain, a light beam from my soul… And my fragrance, which will live in your memories forever…

It is me…

It is me, the way I was created; it is me together with my wonders and catastrophes. It is me… But who am I? Only a tiny little speckle in this world, just like my small glimmering star among millions and millions of other sparkles. In the faraway and vast universe, my star will always sparkle for me, in my memory, lost in the multitude of a million others. Nothing will make its sparkle fade; it will always be there to shine for me.

Because I live, I am a human being and I have feelings and emotions just like you, dear reader… I am a human being trying to make my way through life, trying to find some sense in my existence. I am a soul among millions of others.

I am China…

I was created thousands of years ago, out of ash and tears. At that time, I was young and wild, now I am old and tired. In my youth, I couldn’t even imagine that my hands would be able to create something so beautiful and precious, that at the end of my life, I would look back to such unbelievable wonders that I left behind me.

Everything started with a tiny little cottage in the heart of dark woods. I always dreamed of creating a proper home for my family… And now, look, just take a look upon the land of China! It hosts some of the largest cities in the world… I managed to create a home for millions of families that live and raise their children. It is my family that lives here! Here grow my children…

Combining our strength, pouring together the love from our hearts, with each other’s help and perseverance, we, my people and I, have created wonders through the centuries. They have built temples and walls; I gave birth to seas, rivers, mountains, woods… All of these were made on purpose, so that my family would grow and enjoy LIFE.

However, nothing went smoothly from the beginning to the end! Wars have raged all over the country, thousands of my people lost their lives, sacrificed themselves for their homeland. Their blood was poured on the ground of China for years… Thousands of people mourned their beloved and their motherland. O, what dark and horrid times were these! The life of my people was destroyed; watching their deep suffering, my heart was broken into pieces.

But then, there came the morning, and the first golden rays of hope appeared on the horizon… My people started believing and hoping for a better future, hoping for regeneration and awaiting the time when everything would come back to its normal state, when the suffering would be over and the joy will take its place…

This was a long process… Because how could anyone just quickly forget the fact that their beloved family members aren’t any more? How could anyone quickly accept the idea of never waking up next to their love, or the thought that they will never embrace their son again…?

Oh, no, this is impossible! All these cannot be just quickly forgotten. The best teacher in such matters is Time. As time passed, my people started to forgive, forget and bury everything that was in the shadows of the past…

And now, here we are! The war is over; everyone lives in the present and for the future, rejoicing in the things achieved so far…

What should I say now, at the end? Well, I am proud, extremely proud. I boast with myself, with my big family and my vast land. I am proud with the fact that thousands of tourists come together from all over the world to see and admire my country, my people and my culture. They all come with grateful hearts to thank me for what I have done, for what I am doing and for what I will do in the future. This fills me with such an indescribable happiness! Yes, I am happy, because somehow I managed to leave a mark behind myself, because my life was not in vain.

Yes, I found my identity and the purpose of my existence in helping the others, in being on their side when they cry of pain, when they are sad, when they are ill or they are happy. That’s why I live… Because I am China and I will never abandon my country, the land named after me, so that anyone will know who I am.

And you, dear reader, the explorer of the figments of my mind, please think about everything you have just read here, please ask yourself these questions: who am I truly? Why do I live on this beautiful blue planet? When I won’t be here anymore, will I have left something for those that come after me? Search for the answers of these questions, look everywhere for them, and then I hope you will understand the reason why I ask you to do this. Anyway, I wish you to get to see my country and realize the reason why it is so special to me… Come and tell me your answers to the most life changing questions in the world! I am sure you will find me!

…You know where I am… I am sleeping on that high mountain peak…






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