The Sichuan Province of China presents its cultural treasure to the EU

Sichuan Province 2018 Brussels Tangla Hotel

(The European Sting, 2018)

It was earlier today that the Mission of China to the EU and the Embassy of China in the Kingdom of Belgium co-hosted a seated lunch reception at the prestigious Tangla Hotel in Brussels, presenting the rich heritage of China’s Sichuan Province. This event was organised in the framework of the crucial China-EU Tourism thematic year of 2018.

The reception consisted of live performances and tasting of delicacies from Sichuan, showing ample evidence on the reason that this Chinese Province is also called “the land of abundance”.  Beyond its rich cultural heritage, the Province has for thousands of years played an instrumental role in both the Southern and Northern Silk Road, and is today a frontrunner of China’s opening-up as well as an economic and technological hub.

The program of the Sichuan show was comprised of the Sichuan Opera Long Silk Dance “Blooming Flowers”, the Female Solo “Jasmine Flower, Edelweiss”, the “Big Puppet Calligraphy”, the Guqin and Tea Art with Long Mouth Copper Pot “Flowing Water” and the Sichuan Opera and Puppets Face Changing.

At the end of the show an exquisite tasting of the famous Sichuan cuisine allured further the visitors to pay an enriching visit to Sichuan Province.














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