China-EU Trade and Economic Relations in Numbers

China-EU Trade

(Credit: Chinese Mission to EU)

China-the world’s largest developing country and emerging economy, and the EU- the biggest trading block, are both important global players. Together, the two accounts for one tenth of the total landmass, one quarter of the global population and one third of the world’s economy. To step up China-EU cooperation and seek closer ties between the two markets and civilizations will not only serve the interests of the two economies, improve the living standards of the peoples, but will also inject impetus to the world economy.

Trade and economic cooperation is the cornerstone and propeller of overall China-EU relations. It’s our shared hope to deepen practical and win-win cooperation between the two sides. To this end, this booklet aims at enhancing mutual understanding between China and the EU and strengthening bilateral business ties by presenting to its readers the current situation of China-EU trade and economic relations with data and facts.

You can read more about this topic at the report issued by the Chinese Mission to EU

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