G20 LIVE: “This was not an attack against France, this was an attack against the universal human values!”, EU President Juncker cries out from G20 in Antalya Turkey

From left to right, EU Commissioner Jean Claude Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk during the G20 Leaders Summit Antalya, Turkey

EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker in the G20 Leaders Summit Antalya, Turkey

G20 has just kicked off a few minutes ago with the joint press conference of President Juncker of the European Commission and President Tusk of the European Council. As expected, the very first words of the leaders were about the new horrible Paris attack of last Friday.

Juncker’s Statement

President Juncker firmly declared: “This was not an attack against France, this was an attack against the universal values”. At the same time he underscored that what happened in Paris last Friday is not a result of European Union’s enjoying open and free borders. Instead it is a matter of how the EU will fight fiercely against terrorism.

President Juncker then immediately referred to the global refugee problem that has received unprecedented dimensions during this year. Moreover, the Commission’s President was too careful with the distinction between the refugees who are in seek of asylum and the terrorists of Daesh.

Tusk’s Statement

The President of the European Council also spent a big part of his speech on the terrible incidents that took place in the French capital last Friday. “This cannot be another Summit”, said the Polish politician referring to the G20 that is now opening its doors this very morning. “The peoples of the world were under attack”, the EU leader highlighted right after.

Further, the President of the European Council elaborated on tackling the mere roots of the problem, which is “terrorist financing”, as he called. “Terrorist groups cannot operate without financing”, Mr Tusk stated and added that “by stopping the financing we will stop the terrorism”.

Interestingly then we went on by stressing the following important political statement on the geopolitical future of the troubled area: “If we are to be honest, we have to say that it was not the moderate Syrian opposition that created the attack in Paris. The real enemy is Daesh, not the moderate opposition”. He then addressed to the world’s leaders a strong invite to unite together during this timely opportunity, G20 in Turkey, towards a fierce and effective fight against terrorism.

“Here I call all leaders with NO exception”, the EU President firmly underlined.

The European Sting came all the way from Brussels to Antalya to report LIVE for its prominent readers top class coverage of the G20 Leaders Summit. Do you crave for cutting-edge high quality journalism by Europe’s rising star independent media over this hot long weekend of 15-16 November 2015?

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