Any doubt?

By Antonio, ES

 China UNlimited___ANY DOUBT? (“mei wenti?”)

The exposition finished, in that little class of attentive children. 

– Thank you for your attention. It was my pleasure. Dear students, do you have any doubt?  

Seems they were a bit shy…

– Professor [Lao Shi], What´s your favourite color?

– I have several: Red, Green, Orange… what´s yours?

“What´s the original product from your country?”, “What about your favourite Chinese star?” “Had you read some Chinese classic?” yes… I did! (I realized with some surprise).“Can you write some Chinese characters?”

One of the little girls asked then: – What do you think… about Panda Bears? The most unexpected one, but that made happy one of my young cousins in Spain, when I told her by e-mail.

It was my pleasure to help as foreign counsellor at one Yinchuan school for a day. I was surprised by the students questions, some of them quite usual from a child, while others really original and mature. Some made me think further. A student asked me: which is your DREAM now?

They showed me respect and education as If I were a real teacher – even if I was not. 5 questions of curiosity I will always remember. A nice exercise of mutual knowledge and friendship. I would happily give another class… in order to see, which question may be next.







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