Fairer and clearer rules on social benefits for EU mobile workers agreed

This article is brought to you in association with the European Parliament. New rules aim to ensure access to social security for EU workers who have moved to a different EU country, while fairly distributing obligations among member states. An agreement on modernised rules to coordinate national social security systems was reached by Employment Committee negotiators […]

EU labour mobility: Inconvenient truths for everybody

With a memorable lecture at the University of Bristol, entitled “Labour Mobility in the European Union – The Inconvenient Truth”, the European Commissioner László Andor, overturned all and every argument raised by Europe’s xenophobic vote mongers who oppose the internal labour mobility in the EU. Speaking in Britain though, he proved that immigrant workers in […]

‘Habitual residence’ rules deprive EU workers from social benefits

With a timely move the European Commission published yesterday a guide on the application of the ‘Habitual Residence Test’, in this way permanently blocking what has been termed as social ‘benefit tourism’. By the same token, the Commission also erased the rightful expectation of people who are employed as ‘posted workers’ in another EU member […]