Human rights breaches in Brazil, Morocco and Nagorno-Karabakh

This article is brought to you in association with the European Parliament. On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted three resolutions on the respect for human rights in Brazil, Morocco and Nagorno-Karabakh. The storming of the Brazilian democratic institutions Parliament expresses solidarity with democratically elected President Lula Da Silva, his government and Brazilian institutions and condemns in […]

Human rights breaches at the Spanish/Moroccan border, in Russia, and in Sri Lanka

On Thursday, Parliament adopted three resolutions on the human rights situation at the Spanish/Moroccan border, in Russia, and in Sri Lanka. The breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the use of minors by the Moroccan authorities in the migratory crisis in Ceuta Parliament rejects Morocco’s use of border control […]

Mental health and suicide prevention – what can be done to increase access to mental health services in Morocco

This article was exclusively written for The European Sting by Ms. Houda Bouazza is a second-year medical student in Rabat, Morocco. She is affiliated to the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), cordial partner of The Sting. The opinions expressed in this piece belong strictly to the writer and do not necessarily reflect IFMSA’s view on […]

OECD strengthens co-operation with Morocco – Renews Morocco Country Programme Agreement

This article is brought to you in association with OECD. The OECD and the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco signed today a Memorandum of Understanding to renew the Country Programme, for a period of three years, to support Morocco’s reform agenda. OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría and Mr. Saad Dine El Otmani, Head of Government of […]

The US + Britain trivialize mainland Europe, NATO and the EU

After the insults the German Chancellor Angela Merkel experienced in Washington last week, the Anglo-American duo last Tuesday orchestrated new assaults on mainland Europe. It’s not only the outrageous option of the no-deal Brexit, which gains momentum in London, possibly being encouraged by Washington. It’s also a fact that Britain and the US escalate their […]