Statement from Commission on the co-legislators’ Roadmap on the New pact on migration and asylum

(Credit: Unsplash)

This article is brought to you in association with the European Commission.

The Commission welcomes the political agreement between the co-legislators on a Joint Roadmap on the Common European Asylum System and the New Pact on Migration and Asylum. This confirms the joint commitment to take all necessary steps towards the adoption of the legislative proposals related to asylum and migration management before the end of the 2019-2024 legislative period.

The Pact offers the comprehensive approach needed to manage migration in an effective and humane way.  It is important that we now have a clear way ahead with a timetable for negotiations between co-legislators starting at the latest by the end of 2022 and being concluded by February 2024. 

The Commission will continue lending its full support to the European Parliament and to the Czech and upcoming Presidencies of the Council towards making progress on the negotiations.

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