If the Pelosis of this world don’t chill asap, a war between China and the US could make Ukraine look like peekaboo

This is Nancy Pelosi 15 years ago when she was 67. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, was received here in 2007 by José Manuel Barroso, President of the EC. European Communities,
Source: EC – Audiovisual Service

So, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, had planned her summer break in the Indo-Pacific by stopping by traditional American friends and bases in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. The US press release hadn’t mentioned any other stops, which really made sense as those are the countries in the region that watch “Friends” on Netflix non-stop. What didn’t make sense whatsoever is for this 82-year old politician to break the official plan and make a terrible mistake for her aircraft to land at the airport of Taipei, Taiwan, China. Could this be an honest mistake of her pilot in search for fuel?

Absolutely not. First because those Asian US allies offered with compliments fuel and treats and second because the US traditionally and historically likes to create trouble around the world. Surely, Pelosi’s visit wasn’t thoughtful in the first place and one cannot expect thoughtless moves by such high level politicians. Despite any separatist trends and hypes on social media for “Taiwan independence”, Taiwan is part of mainland China. Pelosi’s short visit in Taiwan was so meaningless that it was like a leader of a country making an official visit in a US State that propagates a will for “independence”.

Despite the fact that the US has gone through this type of issues and civil wars in its short history, since the 20th century this country follows in the world the Cesarian tactics of divide and conquer, although in some cases in the Asian neighbourhood like Vietnam it didn’t really work. But Taiwan is a whole different story, it is mandated by the one-China principle as ruled by the UN General Assembly Resolution of 1971. It is futile to make a show out of a visit to a Chinese island creating a hype over freedom and independence when the people that Pelosi visited in Taiwan were Chinese speaking Chinese and having a Chinese history. So if this is all meaningless, why did Pelosi make this official visit in the first place instead of visiting the capital, Beijing?

Well, one reason might be that after the escalating tensions in the US-China relations, Beijing wouldn’t answer the door so easily. The other and main reason is that the US historically and presently is intimidated by the global power of China, being the second biggest economy in the world, having a population of 1.4 billion people, and being a top trade partner with powerful blocks like the EU. Hence, the recent NATO declaration of China as a challenge, the US convincing the EU leaders, who sadly don’t really seem to have their own sovereign strategy for the EU nowadays, to slow down business development with China and so on. But even then, it is one thing for the US to use peacefully its global influence as a competitive advantage towards another huge economy and trade power like the Chinese and another thing for the US to provoke China’s sovereignty.

If Pelosi’s stop by in Taipei wasn’t an “accident” but the US has more darts to throw at China’s territory, then one thing is for sure; China will not just limit itself in naval drills in the sea around Taiwan. Nobody should forget that China possesses one of the biggest military arsenals in the world and is a significant nuclear player. Although a peaceful nation that aspires global development and peaceful diplomatic resolutions, if one attacks its territory (Taiwan), then one can think that a war confrontation will inevitably begin. Given the size of China in all aspects, that confrontation with the US or allies can be so devastating that the war in Ukraine will look like peekaboo.

Is a war with China over Taiwan in the best interests of the US? What has the US to win over this, other than Chinese missiles, escalation of the global turmoil, world decadence and poverty in all corners of the earth? This year’s “mini” invasion of Russia in Ukraine created devastation, millions of refugees, economic and energy crises and brought back decades’ old inflation levels. The Pelosis of the world might as well just imagine the repercussions of a war battle between two giants, US and China.

History is and should be always the world’s compass. The World War II didn’t happen in a day or finished in another day. It was a long process that escalated over time in different hot spots and all of that atrocity together was called World War II, for the human mankind to remember and despise human nature. Who in the name of God wants a World War III, with Ukraine being the beginning and Taiwan being the second spot and who knows what will be left after for the 82 year old Pelosi to conquer? Can the US policy makers be so sick to strive for a global apocalypse? Surely, a world war in the 21st century will bring on nuclear arsenal pressing the “buttons”, which will mean massive and total destruction of people, lives and geographies for generations to come.

Based on the premises that sanity and reason is what differentiate humans from animals, the Pelosis of the world either in their 80s, 90s or younger, no matter what ethnicity and color, need to be advised to chill out “asap”, as they say in America. Taiwan is China as Kentucky is US, Flanders is Belgium and Catalunya is Spain. The world needs peace now more than ever before, as we are already living a war in Europe.

Ambitions should be filtered by reason and most of all Nancy, Joe and all the powerful global leaders of our holistically disturbed world need to let people live in peace, harmony, dignity and development during their short lives. None of those will be achieved by disputing directly China’s or any other country’s sovereignty though.

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