5. Coronavirus highlights deepening inequalities

Africa registered its first coronavirus death this week and the number of cases in the continent has “mushroomed” since according to the BBC. The growing number of infections there are a reminder of the many vulnerable populations who are less likely to get the proper care they need. Even wealthy countries such as the United States, poorer people are more likely to work in delivery, food-service or other “in-person” jobs, often without adequate health insurance. Read more here.

6. Beyond the headlines: A reason for hope

Economists explain in one recent article, that in every affected region, the spread of the virus is slowing and stabilizing. They say that for every million people in the global population, 10-100 seem likely to catch the virus in an observable form. While these deaths are still tragedies, they are far from the disaster movie scenarios that could be sparking panic. Read more here.

Confirmed coronavirus cases per million population
Image: WHO Coronavirus Situation Research

7. Want to help? Give to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

Launched by the UN, WHO and other partner organizations, this fund’s donations will go toward purchasing medical supplies (gloves, gowns and masks) and investing in medical research. Learn more here.