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Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe. In this new daily update, we’ve assembled some of the latest headlines, resources and tools to help you arm yourself with the best information.

From today’s WHO Briefing
The WHO has consolidated its guidance for different countries to help address different needs, depending on whether the virus can be isolated or must be managed. Countries fall into 4 different categories: those with no cases; those with sporadic cases; those with clusters; and those with community transmission. The overall goal for each is the same: stop the transmission and spread of the virus. “It’s not about containment or mitigation,” says Dr. Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General. “It’s about both.”
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Stats good to know (from today’s briefing)

  • More than 100,000 – Reported cases of coronavirus across 100 countries
  • 70% – Share of reported cases in China that have recovered and been discharged
  • 4 – Number of countries with 93% of all reported coronavirus cases

Chart of the day: Why fast action is critical
One chart, shared widely on Twitter Saturday by Carl T. Bergstrom, a University of Washington researcher and expert on fighting coronavirus misinformation, helps demonstrate the importance of fast action in minimizing coronavirus impact. The upshot? Controls will be key to slow the spread of the virus and ensure that healthcare systems aren’t overwhelmed.
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The flattened curve shows how a reduced rate of coronavirus infection could reduce the impact on hospitals and the wider healthcare system
Image: Esther Kim, Carl T. Bergstrom

What to read:

Public health tips, like this one, can help fight misinformation regarding how the virus spreads.

From the World Economic Forum:

This GIF, taken from the World Economic Forum’s COVID-19 map, shows how the virus has spread in Asia.

“Let hope be the antidote to fear.”

—Dr. Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, at Monday’s media briefing