Afghan refugees: €21 million in humanitarian aid for host communities and vulnerable populations in Pakistan and Iran


(Credit: United Nations)

This article is brought to you in association with the European Commission.

The European Commission is releasing an additional €21 million in humanitarian aid for Afghan refugees in neighbouring Iran and Pakistan. The announcement was made at the International Conference on 40 Years of Hosting Afghan Refugees held in Pakistan.

On the occasion, Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič said: “The EU continues to stand by the people of Afghanistan, as well as the many who have fled to neighbouring countries. I commend Pakistan and Iran for hosting millions of refugees. Our funding will provide refugees and host communities with basic services, such as health, education, and water supply.”

The EU’s emergency assistance will also help families affected by the recent extreme weather conditions in the areas of Baluchistan and Pakistan Administered Kashmir, as well as the floods in southern Iran.

Today’s announcement brings the EU humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran to €300 million for 2016-2020.



Persistent and intensified conflict continues to cause large-scale suffering and displacement of Afghan people. Iran and Pakistan are the biggest hosts of Afghan refugees worldwide. While current negotiations for peace and reduction of violence in Afghanistan progress, additional support is needed in the host countries, in true partnership and burden-sharing. Since 2014, the EU has allocated a comprehensive package of over €2.7 billion billion in response to the Afghan crisis, including humanitarian, development and stabilisation support in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.


  1. samir sardana says:

    The Economist doubts the COVID success of Pakistan !

    Indians cannot bear the pain of the success of Pakistan and Imran Khan.These Indian Parasites have proliferated in the Global Media – as Indian Corporates and the Indian State, sprinkle their ads,in the Global Media.

    The Right approach of the Economist,should have been to start from the Number of Tests per Million – which is just 16000 in Pakistan,vs around 65000 in India.That has some basis – but is also specious,as it is 30% higher than that of Indon-ass-eeah,which has a population, 20% HIGHER than Pakistan,and is next to PRC – with millions of Chinese in
    Jakarta and islands of that nation.dindooohindoo

    The Pakistani tests are also 30R higher (on a per million basis) w.r.t Nippon – which has a large population of Japanese in PRC,and also,has a very high frequency of air travel with the PRC.Several flights from Shang and Beijing,transit via Nippon.So the “Low Aggregate Tests” Theory of Pakistan,is busted.The Marginal Cost of each RTPCR test,is USD 10 and Pakistan cannot waste its funds on that

    Let us ASSUME,still, that the Pakistania are NOT coming for testing,AND that the Pakistani state is NOT testing.Therefore,the people are NOT showing symptoms – as else,by now,there would be a sharp SPIKE in deaths (young and old).There is 1 brilliant innovation by the Pakistani state – in that,they are testing the dead.AT the EOD,even if patients are not tested,AND THEY DIE – the virus would be in the dead body.

    The death rates in Pakistan,in general,are normal, and COVID rates in the dead,are also normal (w.r.t the age and morbidities of the dead) – so the STRATEGY of NOT doing random testing,TO AVOID scare mongering,has worked,as the bet is on the immunity of the Pakistanis, and a close monitoring of the generic death rates – with their COVID content.If it lasts the winter – then this could be a Harvard Case Study.

    India on the other hand,has a TEST COUNT of 60000 per Million.For the size of the Indian Pop,and the Intl flights transiting via India,in the pre Covid tenor,and the Tourists in India,in the pre-COVID tenor,this statistic is pathetic.Brazilw,ith a sixth of India’s Population,has 85000 tests per million ,and Chuna has 100000 plus

    The worst HIT nations are France and UK,with a DAILY CASE COUNT OF 18000,and a population of 65 million – which is 5% of the Indian population – and so ON A PER CAPITA BASIS, IT IS TYHE HIGHEST IN THE WORLD – far ahead of USA and Brazil.

    France sold the Rafael to the Indians,and UK has millions of Indians (who are also,the worst hit group)

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