FROM THE FIELD: Keeping Morocco’s indigenous culture and conservation in balance


UNDP Morocco Located in southern Morocco, the Imegdale territory is located in the Western High Atlas range. The oldest section of the range, the High Atlas has a wide variety of natural and cultural assets, which cohere as a unique landscape and ecosystem.

This article is brought to you in association with the United Nations.

The delicate balance between indigenous farming practices and conservation in Morocco is under threat, but according to the UN, local communities in the Western High Atlas Mountains are finding ways to preserve traditions and still make a living from the land.

The Amazighe, who live in the mountainous south of the country, have traditionally been able to conserve the unique biodiversity of the region and preserve their cultural heritage. However, climate change as well as the over-exploitation of medicinal plants – plus an exodus of young people – means their symbiotic relationship with the land may no longer be sustainable.

The UN Development Programme UNDP), with other partners, has supported the Amazighe to manage and protect the natural resources on which they rely.

On World Environment Day celebrated on 5 June each year, read more here, about how indigenous and local communities continue to coexist with the natural world.






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