Future of Insurance Claims in Focus at Fourth Annual Connected Claims Europe Summit

insurance nexus

(Insurance Nexus, 2019)

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With new technologies enabling both operational efficiency and a superior customer experience, from artificial intelligence to IoT technology and mobile customer communication methods, evidence shows now is a critical time for claims transformation in Europe. A recent Insurance Nexus survey of over 450 senior European executives found that 92% of executive teams are currently “dedicated to transforming the claims function”, with 44% aiming to improve the customer experience and 41% seeking to improve operational efficiency as a first priority. Whatever their aims, it is clear that claims is under a critical focus in 2019, as technology-led innovation of the claims process continues to gain greater primacy.

With a focus on delivering streamlined, customer-centric claims, the Fourth Annual Connected Claims Europe Summit (18-19 September, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) will provide a platform for Europe’s leading insurers to share their success stories, lessons learnt, and provide insights into managing the evolution of the claims process. Through a carefully-curated and researched agenda, featuring case-studies, practical strategies and interactive sessions, over 250 senior claims leaders (including 70% insurers) will hear from expert speakers on how to reduce costs through efficient processing of claims, incorporate dynamic customer communication to enhance the customer experience, develop strategies to implement new initiatives and more.

Visit the Connected Claims Europe website for more information

Confirmed speakers include Mario Ricco, Global Head of Claims at Generali, Thomas Schreiner, Head of Claims Data, Systems and Analytics, Munich Re and Andrews Morrish, UK Claims Director at Aviva, as well as:

  • Sam White, CEO and Founder, Freedom Services Group
  • Andrea Lorenzoni, Global Chief Claims Officer of Commercial Insurance, Zurich
  • Martin Ashfield, UK Claims Technical Director, AXA
  • Wolfgang Hundertmark, Head of Claims, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, AIG
  • Jan-Erik Fredriksson, Nordic Head of Digital and Business Development Claims, If Insurance
  • Alessandro Paoli, Global Head of Claims Strategy Development & Delivery, Zurich

Visit the Connected Claims Europe website for more information

Connected Claims Europe attendees will also become part of a truly pan-European community of insurers committed to innovation and excellence, taking part in a multitude of interactive sessions and dissecting the opportunities and challenges at the heart of claims. Attendees will also be afforded over 16 hours of enhanced networking with the enhanced networking app Brella; before the event, attendees can schedule a series of 1:1 meetings with key targets, ensuring maximum time to create valuable business networks that can be leveraged in future.

As the agenda takes its final shape, be kept up-to-date with the event’s latest developments, or for more information, visit the website or simply get in touch.

I hope you can join us in Amsterdam.














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