‘Stronger’ effort must be made to cement peace deal for South Sudanese women and girls: UN Women chief

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Can we feed everyone without unleashing disaster? Read on

These campaigners want to give a quarter of the UK back to nature

How to build a more resilient and inclusive global system

Stopping antimicrobial resistance would cost just USD 2 per person a year

Rohingya crisis: EU strengthens humanitarian support with €10 million

OECD warns global economy remains weak as subdued trade drags down growth

Despite funding crisis, Palestine refugee classrooms set to stay open, says UNRWA

Children are still dying in Yemen war, despite partial ceasefire, says UNICEF chief

Commission moves to ensure supply of personal protective equipment in the European Union

ECB’s first flight in Eurozone’s banking universe will be just a reconnaissance

Mind the (gender) gap: why we should stand together on inclusion

It’s time for the circular economy to go global – and you can help

Statement by the European Parliament ahead of the 10 April Brexit Summit

World Food Programme accesses Yemeni frontline district for first time since conflict began

Aid stepped up to Syria camp; new arrivals say terrorists blocked their escape

Seize the opportunities of digital technology to improve well-being but also address the risks

5 reasons why CEOs must care about safeguarding nature

EU funds must reach media and creative sector, say MEPs

The role of junior entrepreneurs as a bridge between academia and business world

‘Chance for peace’ in South Sudan finally within reach, declares UN Peacekeeping chief

How COVID-19 shows the urgent need to address the cyber poverty gap

EU prepares itself to fight back against hostile propaganda

Eurozone’s north-south growth gap to become structural

Terrorist content online: companies to be given just one hour to remove it

How the post-COVID workplace will change business for the better

Why social working cultures are happier and more productive

Flexible jobs can make work-life balance worse, a German study finds

Eurozone’s sovereign debt not a problem anymore?

Vulnerable children face ‘dire and dangerous’ situation on Greek island reception centres, UNICEF warns

We can save our ocean in three steps – if we act now

Online platforms required by law to be more transparent with EU businesses

Primary Healthcare: Back to the Basics

The great sustainable reset: The new world of work after the pandemic

Thursday’s Daily Brief: STIs worldwide, food safety and food prices, updates on Iraq and East Africa

Helping small businesses fight cybercrime benefits the global ecosystem

‘Real change’ involving women in peace and security, still too slow, Guterres tells Security Council

Human Rights Council election: 5 things you need to know about it

State aid: the Commission launches an in-depth investigation into the regulation mechanism for natural gas storage in France

Privatization and public health: a question of Human Rights

Philippe de Backer of ALDE at European Business Summit 2015 stresses: “Reinvent your business”

Can cybersecurity offer value for money?

Why lockdowns can halt the spread of COVID-19

Commission reaches agreement with collaborative economy platforms to publish key data on tourism accommodation

A shortened EU Summit admits failures, makes risky promises

World’s 1.8 billion youth must ‘have a say in the future of the planet’

UN chief welcomes new push by El Salvador’s political parties to begin fresh dialogue

Children paying a high price for inequality

Mergers: Commission approves acquisition of joint control over Prosegur Alarmas by Telefónica and Prosegur

EU-Turkey relations: Erdogan plays the refugee card while beefing up gas operations in the Eastern Mediterranean sea

What do the economic woes of Turkey, Argentina and Indonesia have in common?

China answers clearly to the European Commission’s investment negotiations with Taiwan

Vaccine against Ebola: Commission grants first-ever market authorisation

Japan’s agro-food sector would benefit greatly from policies to boost innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable resource use

What is the UN General Assembly and what does it do?

Female African coders ‘on the front-line of the battle’ to change gender power relations: UN chief

The EU tells the bare truth to the UK that there is no such thing as easy divorces

Rural women a ‘powerful force’ for global climate action: UN Secretary-General

Re-thinking citizenship education: bringing young people back to the ballot box

Work Together to Build a New Type of International Relations and a Community with a Shared Future for Humanity

IMF’s Lagarde: Ukraine must fight corruption

‘Fire-fighting approach’ to humanitarian aid ‘not sustainable’: Deputy UN chief

MEPs debate EEAS report on disinformation activities related to COVID-19

Robots aren’t stealing all our jobs, says the World Bank’s chief economist

EU-U.S. Trade Talks: European Commission presents draft negotiating mandates

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