800,000 people commit suicide every year: WHO








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Stopping antimicrobial resistance would cost just USD 2 per person a year

Where are the world’s nuclear weapons?

More bank bailouts at taxpayers’ expenses

A Sting Exclusive: “The Digital Economy and Industry are no longer opposing terms”, Commissioner Oettinger underlines live from European Business Summit 2015

ECB: Reaching the limits of its mandate to revive the Eurozone economy

The EU checks the multinationals for tax fraud but Britain may sail out of the EU via Panama

Spain will soon overtake Japan in life expectancy rankings. Here’s why

Why the ECB had to clarify it caters for the entire Eurozone not just Germany?

Why schools should teach the curriculum of the future, not the past

Amsterdam is getting a 3D-printed bridge

Disaster Medicine in Medical Education: the investment you just can´t afford to ignore

Medschool 4.0: how to succeed in the smart revolution of healthcare

Financing the 2030 Agenda: What is it and why is it important?

ILO discusses world of work response to global refugee crisis

Artificial Intelligence: a danger to mankind, or the key to a better world?

Why does the whole world want Britain to stay in the EU?

Conflict diamonds and climate change: Cooperate, don’t compete over natural resources urges Guterres

Lagarde: Keep feeding the banks cut down wages and food subsidies

EU shapes its ambitious strategy on India

A new crop of EU ‘Boards’ override the democratic accountability and undermine the EU project

Whose interests are protected by the new Mortgage Directive?

Entrepreneurship in a newly shaped Europe: what is the survival kit for a young Catalan and British entrepreneur in 2018?

A sterilised EMU may lead to a break up of Eurozone

Britain offers more money for an orderly Brexit but the Irish question resurges

Investing in working conditions and quality jobs

More capital and liquidity for the banks

Ukraine’s new political order not accepted in Crimea

Mandela, ‘true symbol of human greatness’, celebrated on centenary of his birth

Aid convoy for north-east Syria postponed over security concerns – UN relief chief

UN chief welcomes new push by El Salvador’s political parties to begin fresh dialogue

US-North Korea summit ‘an important milestone’ towards denuclearization, says Guterres

Eurozone in trouble after Nicosia’s ‘no’

Infinite Oath

Deeper reforms in Korea will ensure more inclusive and sustainable growth

Facebook engineer working at the company’s HQ, Menlo Park, CA (Copyright: Facebook Inc., Source: Facebook Inc.’s website, newsroom)

Facebook goes under formal EU privacy scrutiny after latest massive data breach

“Is Europe innovative? Oh, Yes we are very innovative!”, Director General of the European Commission Mr Robert-Jan Smits on another Sting Exclusive

“16+1” Cooperation injects new vigor into China-Europe cooperation

The US and EU decisively oppose Erdogan’s plans for Turkey and beyond

Community Manager – 1289

EU budget: Will Germany alone manage Britain’s gap?

Technology can help solve the climate crisis – but it will need our help

Capital transaction tax on Ecofin table

Main results of Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) – 18-19/10/2018

IMF asks Europe to decide on bank resolutions and the Greek Gordian knot

Mental Health Policy, a significant driver for growth

These countries are ranked highest – and lowest – for human development

Italy’s rescue operation Mare Nostrum shuts down with no real replacement. EU’s Triton instead might put lives at risk

Trump aims trade offensive solely to China, renews truce with EU

MEPs demand an end to migrant deaths across the Mediterranean Sea

Why Europe’s high productive performance is discredited?

Eurozone hasn’t escaped the deflation danger

How Eurozone consumers spend their income when they have one…

What if Trump wins the November election and Renzi loses the December referendum?

Human rights breaches in Bangladesh, Cuba and Vietnam

“Financial crisis will not happen in China!”, the Chinese Premier underlines from Switzerland; the Sting reports live from World Economic Forum 2015 in Davos

Medical Doctors in Industry 4.0: pure science fiction

Benefits of rural migration effect often overlooked, new UN report suggests

Can We(esterners) ever understand (the) Chinese

Security Council renews mandates of UN force monitoring separation area between Israel and Syria; AU-UN hybrid mission in Darfur

Macron in St. Petersburg didn’t oppose Trump on Iran, in Putin’s presence

Social inclusion: how much should young people hope from the EU? 

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