G20 LIVE: “United States and Turkey stand in solidarity with France and its people in handing the perpetrators of this crime and bringing them to justice”, US President Barack Obama underlines from G20 in Antalya Turkey

ANTALYA, TURKEY - NOVEMBER 15 : Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) holds a bilateral meeting with US President Barack Obama (L) within the G20 Turkey Summit on November 15, 2015 in Antalya, Turkey. The 2015 G-20 Leaders Summit will be held in Antalya on November 15-16, 2015. Kayhan Ozer / Anadolu Agency

ANTALYA, TURKEY – NOVEMBER 15 : Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) holds a bilateral meeting with US President Barack Obama (L) within the G20 Turkey Summit on November 15, 2015 in Antalya, Turkey. The 2015 G-20 Leaders Summit will be held in Antalya on November 15-16, 2015. Kayhan Ozer / Anadolu Agency

It was just before noon on November 15 in Antalya when the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave a joint press conference with Barack Obama, president of the United States of America following the completion of their meeting in the context of the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

The major topic that was discussed between the two leaders was the recent terrorist attack in Paris last Friday when 129 people died and 352 were injured. During their meeting, they also had the chance to table and endorse solutions towards other issues that were in the predetermined agenda such as the growth of the global economy, climate change and the escalating refugee crisis.

Global actions against terrorism to secure peace

The Turkish president began his speech by emphasizing on the collective actions to be taken by all member states in the fight against terrorism and highlighted that it is not targeting just the country where terrorist attacks take place but everyone. In detail, his exact words were the following: “This terrorist action is not an action against the people of France but all the people of the world.”

Further, Recep Tayyip Erdogan mentioned that together with President Obama assessed the current situation in the fight against ISIS in Syria and committed to work in order to secure peace in the entire world. It is certain that all parties will do whatever they can in order to bring back one of the most important value of human kind, peace, something that has been under threat recently even at the developed part of this world.

Same positions reveal cooperation

When the U.S. president took the microphone, he expressed the exact same position with his counterpart. Specifically, Barack Obama mentioned: “The killing of innocent people based on a twisted ideology is an attack not just on France or Turkey but on the civilised world. United States and Turkey stand in solidarity with France and its people in handing the perpetrators of this crime and bringing them to justice”.

Moreover, he expressed the need for a tight NATO allies’ coordination and cooperation, not only with Turkey but also with the rest of the coalition countries, which are going after ISIL or Daesh in Syria and Irak, in order to tackle terrorism.

Political transition in Syria

The president of the U.S. continued by saying that a political transition in Syria will be the key to sterilize the environment in which ISIL is operating and aid the people who are suffering from war conditions. The latter measure in combination with the right coordination which will focus on the embattlement of the borders between Syria and Turkey are the next steps to be followed that will bring peace and eliminate Daesh at the same time.

In addition, the discussions of the two presidents included the progress which has been made so far in diplomatic talks in Vienna by the foreign ministers of the United States and Turkey, which could provide important value to the fight against terrorism and restore global peace.

All in all, the United States together with the rest G20 countries seem determined to tackle terrorism permanently; not only bring back the smiles to the faces of the shocked French people but also provide a secure environment to the rest of the world.

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