European Confederation of Junior Enterprises hosts in Geneva the Junior Enterprise World Conference

JADE the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises hosted between the 7th and 10th of August the Junior Enterprise World Conference, with the help of their Junior Enterprises in Geneva, Switzerland.

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The event gathered around 300 students from 16 countries and 3 continents in an international environment dedicated to grow the entrepreneurial skills and identity of entrepreneurial youth.

The Opening Ceremony took place on the 7th of August. Ketan Makwana delighted us as the host of the Ceremony and as well Moderator of a very interesting Panel Discussion between Mr. Nicolas Davis from the World Economic Forum, Karen Wilson from Bruegel think tank and the Presidents of the two largest confederations of our network – Adriana Anchidin from JADE European Confederation of Junior Enterprises and Ryoichi Penna from Brasil Júnior, Confederação Brasileira de Empresas Juniores. The discussion was just the right way to conclude things after the speeches of Daniel Borel, the Co-founder of Logitech, or Luc Barthassat, State Councilor in Geneva, Nicholas David from World Economic Forum and Rui Grilo, Education Solution Specialist for Microsoft Europe.

The next days were focused on networking and learning by doing. Also, as the Junior Enterprises Network Representatives prepared for a long time, the JEWC was also the place where the Junior Enterprise Global Forum Memorandum of Understanding was created and signed.

The Memorandum of Understanding is a document bringing together all the Junior Enterprises to the idea that they have to work for a higher purpose, to develop the professional skills – soft, technical and entrepreneurial – of students around the globe, to connect them and support their development, thus increasing their social impact.

While a part of the guests were involved in special workshops provided by both internationally known figures but also highly skilled Junior Entrepreneurs, we gathered leaders and representatives from all countries present at the event and organized a World Café. We discussed about the common issues we find regarding Junior Entrepreneurship throughout the world.

The result was the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding to define the concept we are working with.  Because this happened very early in the event we had time by the last day of the event to put together all the information learned and create the Memorandum which the country representatives signed at the Closing Ceremony.


Read Ketan Makawana’s article about JEWC here

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