“China poses the greatest challenge of our age”, paradoxically parroted at G7 Hiroshima the UK Premier Sunak who is an Indian immigrant against immigration

Hiroshima, the historical place that the US utterly destroyed with atomic bombs some 80 years ago, is the same place whereby last weekend the 6 members of G7, included the once bombarded Japan, gathered to parrot loudly US messages on the world. Ironic? Realistic, it is how the way history works in circles, always amusing […]

Emmanuel Macron: Can a French alone rejuvenate the EU-China relations?

Last week the trilateral meeting in Beijing between China’s President Xi, French President Macron and the President of the European Commission Von der Leyen was a much anticipated and needed sign of renaissance in the relations of the EU and China, two of the world’s largest economies. It is positive to see that finally sanity […]

How big a threat can a Chinese balloon be to the almighty US security?

The story about China’s weather-forecast balloon that had technical problems due to the weather and strayed uncontrollable over the American airspace and most of all its shooting-down by a US aircraft is exactly as much funny as serious when it comes to the stability of this shaky world. That a weather forecast balloon can have […]

Bend It Like Scholz: Can Germany show the way to heal the EU-China relations?

That the EU-China relations have been facing challenges is not news. Lately we have been witnessing a change of course in the EU’s stance towards its biggest trade partner. Just a couple of years ago the EU started this turmoil by calling China “systemic rival” while the European Parliament froze the Comprehensive Investment Agreement (CAI). […]

For China and the EU, Cooperation is Our Only Right Way Forward

This article was written by Mr. Peng Gang, Minister and Head of Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Mission to the EU. The opinions expressed in this article belong to our distinguished writer. On July 19th, the 9th China-EU High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue (HED), co-chaired by China’s Vice-Premier Liu He and Executive Vice-President […]

Why the call of Presidents Michel and Xi should help get EU-China relations back on track asap

Last Friday, a much anticipated high level call call took place between EU Council’s President Charles Michel and China’s President Xi Jinping. The call came exactly one month after the European Parliament’s issued “vision” of the China-EU relations and following a year of setbacks in the EU-China relations. Overall, the leaders’ call was positive allowing […]