Discharge approved but MEPs concerned over control of EU’s recovery and resilience funds

This article is brought to you in association with the European Parliament. On Wednesday, the European Parliament approved the implementation of the EU’s 2021 budget for most of the EU institutions, except the European Council. Most of the EU’s expenditure is managed by the European Commission, whose budgetary performance was approved by the European Parliament with […]

Boris to end up in jail if he loses the next elections?

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, or what is left of them, after the expulsion of important moderates, are heading straight towards a no-deal Brexit. The moderates were explelled centrally by 10 Downing St. without consulting the local branches of the Conservative Party. If the Brits, in the next general election, whenever it is held, vote for this […]

The EU condemns Faroe Islands and Iceland to poverty

When Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, Prime Minister of Iceland, visited Brussels last month, he tried to teach the European Union a lesson about the scientific analysis on fishing stocks of North Atlantic. Seemingly, European Commissioner Maria Damanaki responsible for Maritime and Fisheries Affairs didn’t learn anything. Yesterday, she decided to adopt trade measures against Faroe Islands […]