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Can we feed everyone without unleashing disaster? Read on

These campaigners want to give a quarter of the UK back to nature

How to build a more resilient and inclusive global system

Stopping antimicrobial resistance would cost just USD 2 per person a year

LGBTQI+ and medicine

Judges urge Security Council to serve interests of all UN Member States

EUREKA @ European Business Summit 2014: Innovation across borders – mobilising national R&D funds for transnational innovation in Europe

Colombia’s former president says COVID-19 shows the importance of listening to indigenous peoples on how we treat the planet

EYE to kick off on Friday: 8000+ young people discussing the future of Europe 1 – 2 June

Who is first (and last) in the race to build a workforce fit for the future?

AI can help us unlock the world’s most complex operating system – the human body

Why your next car is a bike

168 hours left for MEPs – ECOFIN Council to deliver a Banking Union

A ship with containers at the port of Rotterdam. (Copyright: European Union. Source: EC - Audiovisual Service. Photo: Robert Meerding)

US follows the EU in impeding China market economy status in WTO

‘Tenacious’ Kyrgyz lawyer and statelessness champion, wins prestigious UNHCR prize

EU elections: The louder the threats and the doomsaying the heavier the weight of the vote

Humans aren’t made for repetition – it’s time AI took over manufacturing

How the Middle East is suffering on the front lines of climate change

Eurozone cannot endure any longer youth marginalisation

European Business Summit 2014 Launch Event: “Energising Industrial Growth”

What Merkel and Macron are to tell Trump in Davos?

This is how climate science went mainstream

MWC 2016 LIVE: Getty chief says one in four new images from phones

New rules for audiovisual media services approved by Parliament

Is the world living up to its climate commitments?

If we can build the International Space Station, ‘we can do anything’ – UN Champion for Space

3 things to know about women in STEM

The EU now has rules that say household appliances must be easier to fix

Uncovered liabilities of €5 billion may render EU insolvent

UN calls for shipping ‘propulsion revolution’ to avoid ‘environmental disaster’

‘Never give up’: UN chief urges all who serve, marking UN Day

This digital currency could build a more sustainable global economy

10 tonnes of trash was taken off Everest – and repurposed

Visa Facilitation and Readmission: the European Union and Belarus sign agreements

An alternative to the future of antimicrobial therapy

Policymakers can ensure the 4IR is fairer than the last three

What UK and EU risk if Brexit “wins” these elections

The MH17 tragedy to put a tombstone on Ukrainian civil war

European Energy Union: Integration of markets and need for in-house energy production

Digital Assembly 2019: new actions on quantum, EU-Africa taskforce report and digital start-ups

The banks first to benefit from the new euro trillion ECB plans to print

250+ senior claims leaders under one roof, exchanging transformation strategy

More countries are making progress on corruption – but there’s much to be done, says a new report

EU and US close to an agreement on data sharing amid European citizens’ concerns

Three ways the world must tackle mental health

Time to measure up: 5 ways the fashion industry can be made more sustainable

Security Council discusses chemical weapons use in Syria following latest global watchdog report

German political spillovers: ECB’s Draghi resists first attacks by AfD

Towards the new era of medicine

Time is running out to protect Africa’s forests

Mining the deep seabed will harm biodiversity. We need to talk about it

The Khashoggi affair: A global complot staged behind closed doors

The collision of these 3 geographies is creating a new world order

UN committed to helping Haiti build better future, says Guterres, marking 10-year anniversary of devastating earthquake

The European Commission, European Investment Bank and Breakthrough Energy Ventures establish a new €100 million fund to support clean energy investments

Egyptian death sentences a ‘gross miscarriage of justice’: UN human rights chief

Universal Health Care: can it exist only in utopic society?

“Working together to make a change at the COP 21 in Paris”, an article by Ambassador Yang of the Chinese Mission to EU

These vending machines are giving out free short stories to London commuters

Parliament mobilised to channel EU funds to those affected by Coronavirus pandemic

We need to talk about mental health at work, say employees

European Youth cries out: Sustainable Development Goals ambitious, but lack focus on youth

Impact Investment needs global standards and better measurement

Here are 4 tips for governing by design in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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  1. Roji Oyama says:

    Power to independent media! Check out: Civil Beat (Honolulu, Hawaii), reporting on stories not covered by biased commercial media…

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