Tea For Harmony – Yaji Cultural Salon Launched in Brussels

HE Ambassador Fu Cong (Credit: Chinese Mission to the EU)

On May 4, Tea For Harmony – Yaji Cultural Salon was launched at the China Cultural Center in Brussels. The event was co-organized by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Chinese Embassy in Belgium, and the Chinese Mission to the EU. Nearly 100 Chinese and foreign guests attended the event, including Fu Cong, Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU, Cao Zhongming, Ambassador of China to Belgium and EU officials as well as ambassadors from multiple countries.

HE Ambassador Cao Zhongming (Credit: Chinese Mission to EU)

In his speech, Ambassador Cao Zhongming noted that Chinese tea has a history of over 4,700 years in China. It serves as a symbol of harmony between man and nature, and a bridge between China and the world. In November 2019, the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly decided to designate May 21 as the International Tea Day, appreciating the economic, social, and cultural value of tea. In November 2022, traditional tea processing techniques and associated social practices in China were inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, recognizing the contribution of Chinese tea culture to the world’s cultural diversity. This tea-themed exhibition demonstrated China’s wish for world harmony.

In his remarks, Ambassador Fu Cong said that tea has its roots in China and is popular around the world. China and Europe are separated by oceans and mountains, yet geographical distance has not hindered China-EU exchanges. In the old days, tea was traded to Europe along the Silk Road, ushering in a new chapter of interaction between China and Europe. Today, tea trading and manufacturing is creating new space for China-EU relations on ecological, social, and governance dimensions, which are of shared interest for both sides. This will surely bring huge benefits the world. As the world’s two major forces, markets, and civilizations, China and the EU should pursue win-win and harmonious bilateral relationship. Ambassador Fu believed that China and the EU need to work together by upholding such principles as mutual respect, win-win cooperation and common development under the guidance of the two leaders’ important consensus, thus providing more tranquility and harmony to this world.

(Credit: Chinese Missin to EU)
(Credit: Chinese Mission to EU)

This exhibition in Brussels aims to celebrate the first anniversary of the inscription of traditional tea processing techniques and associated social practices in China on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is also a part of the global activities for the upcoming International Tea Day on May 21. The event, as a cultural salon, invites participants to drink tea, visit exhibition, enjoy flowers, appreciate incense, and listen to traditional Chinese music through thematic exhibition, photo exhibition, videos, tea sets exhibition, performance, interaction session, and other activities. Tea is a carrier to promote exchanges, inclusiveness, and mutual learning between civilizations, and to tell the Chinese story.

(Credit: Chinese Mission to EU)
(Credit: Chinese Mission to EU)

The exhibition themed on “Tea For Harmony” consists of three sections, covering the history of Chinese tea, its inclusion in Chinese people’s daily life, and its integration with that of the West. It gave introduction of the spirit of humanity and life philosophy underpinning Chinese tea culture, and showcased the role that tea plays in travelling overseas to promote the common prosperity of Chinese and world civilizations. A photo exhibition on the tea of Sichuan, home to pandas, was launched concurrently, where nearly 50 photos exhibited the natural scenery, customs, and tea-related traditions in the province. The exhibition was full of visitors, who stood feasting their eyes on the Longquan celadon-styled and Chinese modern tea sets. They appreciated the tea, tea sets and tea culture that reflect the Chinese people’s inclusiveness, gentleness, and openness.

(Credit: Chinese Mission to EU)

At the launching ceremony, tea practitioners from Sichuan performed the two best brewing skills of the tea from Mengding Mountain, i.e. 18 Forms of Long-Flying Postures, which is vigorous and inspiring, and 12 Styles in Celebration of the World of Immortals, which is elegant and peaceful. Every move of the practitioner holding the teapot is eye-catching and exciting. The classic guqin-playing, calligraphy, tea brewing, floral design, and incense ceremony from Beijing were also performed to reproduce the lifestyle of traditional Chinese literati, allowing the audience to have an insight into the aesthetics and pursuit of the Chinese people. Representatives from the culture and tourism agencies of Beijing and Sichuan introduced their tourist attractions as well as artistic and cultural resources to the Belgium and European tourism community, with a view to facilitating and recovering bilateral exchange and cooperation in the culture and tourism field.

The exhibition, held at the China Cultural Center in Brussels, will be open to the public between May 5 to June 9.


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