Global Gateway: EU and Togo strengthen partnership in sustainable agribusiness, energy and connectivity

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This article is brought to you in association with the European Commission.

As part of Global Gateway, the EU is announcing a new contribution of €70 million for two Team Europe Initiatives (TEIs) to boost agri-businesses, energy and connectivity in Togo in line with the country’s 2025-development plan, in partnership with France and Germany and the European Investment Bank. In addition, the EU also is supporting the decentralisation process in Togo as part of the strengthened partnership.

Meeting in Brussels, European Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen and Victoire Tomegah Dogbé, Prime Minister of Togo, signed today two agreements strengthening the partnership between the European Union and Togo to: (1) develop agro-industries and enhance the management of natural resources amounting to €30 million EU contribution; and (2) a budget support programme of €40 million supporting access to basic social services, agriculture, as well as the decentralisation process . The agreements will contribute to increase agricultural productivity – including through solar irrigation, access to finance and the development of sustainable value chains – while improving basic social services, specifically electricity, and support to reinforce the capacity and resources of Togolese municipalities in support of local services.

Sustainable Agribusiness for Togo

This Team Europe Initiative aims at transforming selected value chains such as pineapples and cashew nuts for enhanced food security, job creation, and preservation of natural resources and biodiversity.

The initiative brings together the EU, France and Germany to support Togo’s agricultural industries in developing more productive and sustainable outcomes including for small farmers and their ecosystems. Since 2021, it has benefited from €48 million from the EU budget and an additional €72 million from France and Germany.

As part of this initiative, dedicated programmes are set up to accelerate women entrepreneurship, protect resilient food systems, and advance the agroecological transition.

Energy and Connectivity for Togo

This ambitious Team Europe Initiative contributes to Togo’s objective to achieve 100% electrification by 2030, with 50% from renewable sources, and to become a digital champion by generalising access to digital services for socio-economic inclusion.

The initiative will potentially benefit over one million people. Ongoing actions focus on the extension, reinforcement and increase in density of the electricity distribution network over 3500 km on the Togolese territory, as well as the generation of 4.5 megawatts of energy from renewable sources through off-grid systems, notably in health centres and farms.

The TEI is being supported with €41.9 million from the EU budget, and a further €85 million from France and Germany. Additional actions on energy production and interconnections are being studied, as well as other potential actions to enhance access to digital services, including on the layout of fibre optic cables and data management. 

Decentralisation and Local Governance

In addition to the two Team Europe Initiatives launched under Global Gateway, the EU is supporting the decentralisation process in Togo with €16 million from the EU budget, with a further €70 million from France and Germany. Support is focused on equipping municipalities and territorial entities in Togo with the competences and resources needed for socio-economic development, for example by strengthening the role of local authorities as local service providers in areas such as solid

waste management.    

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