Junior Enterprises Europe Winter Conference 2023: how can students make a difference in Europe? 

(Credit: Junior Enterprises Europe)

This article was published in cooperation with our partner Junior Enterprises Europe.

This year’s edition of the Junior Enterprises Europe  Winter Conference – the biggest  event of the European Network of Junior Enterprises – took place virtually due to the pandemic between the 2nd and the 5th of March and it gathered over 180 higher education students from several European countries. 

It was challenging to change everything to the online scenario in December due to the pandemic, but overcoming challenges is a core element of the Junior Entrepreneur DNA. But when we go through challenging times, it is important to remember the purpose of our actions. The reason we are doing it. 

Talking about the impact of our actions, what kind of effect do we want to achieve as a Network? This was one of the questions done by the Junior Entrepreneurs. The theme of the JE Europe Winter Conference 2022 challenged the Junior Entrepreneurs to reflect, firstly, on their individual level, and then on the Network’s impact at the European level and in which ways we could make the difference. 

We are currently going through challenging times in Europe and, as a Network composed of 33 000 higher education students, we have to create impact in a meaningful way. As Junior Entrepreneurs, we prefer actions to words and goals to dreams. Therefore, we had two fundraising initiatives in order to every one make a difference right away. 

In the first one, the stakeholders could donate meals starting with just 0,70€ through an app – Share The Meal – through a challenge. It takes 2 minutes and is an immediate way to generate relevant 


In the second one, everyone could help children that are suffering from the war in Ukraine. You can still donate through this link (https://voices.org.ua/en/donat/). All help matters. juniorenterprises.eu mail@juniorenterprises.eu Avenue du Frioul 51 — 1140 Evere, Brussels 1, Junior Enterprises Europe 

JEE Winter Conference 2022 

Besides these initiatives, the event counted with insightful workshops from several companies – Amplifon, L’Oréal, Cambiana, Campfire AI, and The Food Waste Project – and also Alumni and Junior Enterprises from the JE Europe Network. Furthermore, a networking fair happened in order for the participants to engage with the companies, and an activity in which the participants could design their own NFT and have exchange sessions between the Junior Entrepreneurs about crucial topics filled the event’s moments as well. 

As 2022 is the European Year of Youth, we had the pleasure to have a speech from Dragos Pislaru, Member of the European Parliament, during the Opening Ceremony. He underlined the importance of the youth in the future of Europe and the initiatives that are taking place to boost the development of the next leaders of the society. 

Moreover, high-profile people from the Advisory Board of JE Europe – Steven Price from EIIL, Ivo Matser from ABIS and Roland Moreau from Club of Rome – delivered impactful speeches during the same ceremony. 

To finalize the event, we asked the Junior Entrepreneurs to reflect on which kind of way they want to make a difference – they could be part of the next Executive Board of JE Europe, create a Junior Enterprise in another country, organise an international conference or develop projects with high and meaningful social impact. 

We already preparing for the JEE Winter Conference 2023 – which hopefully will be physical, in Brussels – and we would gladly collaborate with you if aim to create a great impact on students and society, just as we do. If so, do not hesitate to reach out to winterconference@juniorenterprises.eu.

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