Parliament updates the composition of its committees and subcommittees

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This article is brought to you in association with the European Parliament.

On Thursday, MEPs updated the number of members in Parliament’s 20 committees and 3 sub-committees, and the political groups determined who will sit in each committee.

Following a plenary vote on the proposal by Parliament’s Conference of Presidents (673 for, 17 against, 5 abstentions), the number of members in each of Parliament’s committees and subcommittees for the second half of the 9th legislative term is shown below.

AFETForeign Affairs79+8
INTAInternational Trade43
CONTBudgetary Control30
ECONEconomic and Monetary Affairs61+1
EMPLEmployment and Social Affairs55
ENVIEnvironment, Public Health and Food Safety88+7
ITREIndustry, Research and Energy78
IMCOInternal Market and Consumer Protection45
TRANTransport and Tourism49
REGIRegional Development43
AGRIAgriculture and Rural Development48
CULTCulture and Education31
JURILegal Affairs25
LIBECivil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs69+1
AFCOConstitutional Affairs28
FEMMWomen’s Rights and Gender Equality37+2
DROIHuman Rights (Subcommittee)30
SEDESecurity and Defence (Subcommittee)30
FISCTax Matters (Subcommittee)30

The list of full members for each committee and subcommittee is available here. Chairs and vice-chairs will be elected at subsequent committee and subcommittee meetings.

The political groups have yet to communicate the lists of their substitute members.

Rules on the composition of committees

According to Parliament’s Rules of Procedure (Rule 209), the composition of its committees and subcommittees should as far as possible reflect the composition of Parliament as a whole.

The political groups and non-attached Members decide internally who is appointed to each committee and subcommittee.

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