We are stronger than this pandemic (COVID-19)

Italy covid19

Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy (Anastasiia Chepinska: Unsplash)

This article was written for The European Sting by one of our passionate readers, Mr. Tommaso Merlo. The opinions expressed within reflect only the writer’s views and not necessarily The European Sting’s position on the issue.

Anguish and fear. For our life and our loved ones. But not only. Fear that our little world will blow up. Our projects, our dreams, our granite certainties. Everything risks disappearing because of a virus. Invisible and silent but more powerful than any army. Anguish and fear of emptiness which in reality is not.

It is just a space where nobody looks anymore. Inner spaces. The pandemic forces us to stop, to think. Forces to face silence, loneliness. It forces you to face yourself. Finally and for real. Anguish and fear. Maybe after years of unbridled races towards some mirage. Maybe after years of battles against some enemy.

Maybe after years stuck in a petty life between stuff and vanity. Maybe after years spent to escape. From yourselves, from life. With the nose stuck to some screen or clinging to some addiction. Work, magic powders. Like hamsters running around on the wheel. Like hamsters running around on the wheel. Inside the cage of blinders and mass stereotypes. Hamsters who run and do not realize that in reality they are always stuck in the same damned point. Just a little older, just a little more frustrated.

And they run, out of anguish and fear of emptiness which in reality is not. It is just a space where nobody looks anymore. Inner spaces. For millennia humanity has asked itself certain questions, but the frenetic and rowdy modernity has better things to offer. We must produce, we must consume. You have to win, you have to appear.

You must possess. More and more, and always better quality. Then the pandemic broke out and modernity was swept away like dry leaves in the wind and forced millions of people to stop. Between four walls. Lost, afraid. Desperately looking for shreds of light that indicate the end of the tunnel. In order to start the show again, as if nothing had happened. Like hamsters, on the wheel. In the meantime solidarity starts.

Worrying about others feels less lonely and more human. Love is stronger than fear and “giving” is one of the secrets of happiness, not “taking”, not “accumulating”. Give. Without demanding anything in return. But that’s not enough. The pandemic is raging. Our whole world seems infected and dangerous to us. The mouth of others, the objects we touch, the air we breathe. We would like to run away, on the wheel, like hamsters.

We would like to lock ourselves in the cage of commonplaces and ideas that have inculcated us until they become ours. But we can’t. We have to stay locked within four walls waiting for the pandemic to pass. We must fight against the anguish and fear of emptiness that is not really true.

They are only spaces that nobody looks at anymore. Inner spaces. We are vulnerable human beings. Just passing through on this planet. Within us there is no emptiness at all and there is nothing to fear. In reverse. There is everything. There is a world to explore freely until you find meaning and even happiness.

Within us there is a force more powerful than any chimera, any drug, any misfortune. Inside is our true essence, the truth. We are not hamsters and we should stop running to nowhere. Only in this way can we overcome fear and anguish as well as this damned pandemic.

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