Can the whole world live in peace?


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This article was exclusively written for The European Sting by Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Mater, a member of Medical Students Association
from Yemen, NAMS-Yemen. He is affiliated to the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), cordial partner of The Sting. The opinions expressed in this piece belong strictly to the writer and do not necessarily reflect IFMSA’s view on the topic, nor The European Sting’s one.

Peace is the natural life in which all human societies must live, because it is the influencing factor in human life, and peace is linked to security, stability, and peace when it is in a country where there are widespread manifestations of progress and prosperity.

The concept of peace, as its general definition is the continuation of safety and the disappearance of conflict and wars, which results in a continuation of noble values ​​and customs of full respect and submission to sovereignty, the enjoyment of freedoms and rights and listening to other opinions, the cooperation of peoples with each other, the exchange of cultures and the disappearance of the culture of violence.

The importance of peace and peace is very important, as it is the reason to live in happiness and comfort, and reduce anxiety for every human being in a large proportion.

The impact of peace on the individual  God created God Almighty man to live in safety, security and peace, and he never created it in order to kill or annihilate a people.

The impact of peace on society, the international community was able to know the value of peace only after it experienced great and devastating suffering in the period of the First and Second World Wars.

The impact of peace on peoples is the only way to achieve harmony between peoples, and when this noble meaning is achieved, the meanings that people were created for will prevail among peoples, and there is harmony between the country, regardless of whether there is a difference in race, origins or religion, and away from them completely the spirit of selfishness and hatred that does not Have a basis.

And when peace prevails in the world, we will find that there is a suitable environment for the growth of investments, stimulating production, exchanging it and the prosperity of poor countries because all aspects of economic growth will be available, so safety and stability are the only result of peace.

The five freedoms are the primary means through which peace was achieved in the civilized world :freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom from want and poverty ,freedom for the environment, freedom from fear.

There are three main principles that still separate United Nations peacekeeping operations as a tool to maintain international peace and security.                                                                                                                                                                                              1- consent of the parties: United Nations peacekeeping operations are deployed with the consent of the main parties to the conflict. This requires a commitment from the parties in the political process.

2-Impartiality: is crucial to maintaining  the consent and cooperation of the main parties.

3-Non to use force, except in self-defense and defense of the mandate:

UN Peacekeeping operations may use force at the tactical level ,with Security Council authorization.

This clearly appears in his saying ,the Messenger ,may God bless him and grant him peace (Spread peace between you). This is because peace generates love and brotherhood among people and peoples and makes coexistence together in one community where peace generates trust so interaction and makes you cooperate with others, and cooperation helps to grow and rebuild, repair, build and develop. This is the secret of successful societies because peace makes them live stable unlike those societies where wars, destruction and killing prevail. In a chain that will not end in blood and assault ,so you find them collapsing and destroying, and their poor and Homeless ,therefore, everyone must understand the importance of peace to call for it in all countries of the world and the guards against it, especially in the Arab Islamic countries, until the Arab Islamic nation rises, because many wars in Arab countries such as Iraq, Syria and Yemen increase from The nation’s problems and a threat to its peace.


  • United Nations For peacekeeping.(2016).PRINCIPLES OF PEACEKEEPING.[online]

Avaliable at: in 25 Feb.2020].

About the author

Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Mater is a member of Medical Students Association
from Yemen, NAMS-Yemen, National Member Organization of International
Federation of Medical Students Associations.

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