This company grows crops inside, stacked on top of one another

crops.jpegThis article is brought to you thanks to the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum.

Author: Joe Myers, Writer, Formative Content

Is it an agriculture or a tech venture?

AeroFarms is blurring the lines between the two with its vertical farm.

Crops are grown inside, under lights, one on top of the other.

Image: Our Planet, Netflix

The advantages are numerous: higher productivity in a much smaller area; shorter growing times; lower water use; fresh produce grown much closer to where it’s eaten; and, AeroFarm executives say, improved food taste.

“On one hand we’re a farming company,” explains Chief Executive David Rosenberg. “On the other hand, we’re a technology company.”

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Voice for the Planet is a global online action campaign calling for action on climate change.

Launched by the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community at Davos in 2019 and in partnership with the Netflix and World Wildlife Fund “Our Planet” series, it encourages people to make commitments to change the way they eat, embrace renewable energy, restore nature in their communities, change what they buy and ask their government leaders to act.

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The perfect growing conditions

Technology is central to making a vertical farm work.

AeroFarms uses an aeroponic system to provide the right amount of water and nutrients, with temperature and humidity constantly fine-tuned, so that each crop has the perfect growing conditions.

Image: Our Planet, Netflix

As a result, they can grow a variety of produce all year round, defying the seasons.

All of this adds up to farms that use 95% less water than traditional ones, while yielding up to 390-times more crops per-square-foot.


Circular and nutritious

And all these wins start with recycled bottles.

That’s how AeroFarms make the cloth on which the crops grow, which is also completely reusable.

There are benefits both for the environment – including lower carbon emissions as a result of growing crops right in the centre of a city rather than having them transported – and for our health.

“One of the most exciting opportunities about changing the environment is improving nutrition,” says Dr. April Agee Carroll, Vice President of Research and Development at AeroFarms.

“We know if we can really improve that with different environmental conditions, then we can have a product that’s more nutritious, that can bring a better value to people in their diets as well as really improving human health.”

Food for thought.

Read more about the inspiring pioneers finding creative solutions to the climate crisis here:

About the series: Each week we’ll bring you a new video story about the people striving to restore nature and fighting climate change. In collaboration with @WWF and the team behind the Netflix documentary #OurPlanet. #ShareOurPlanet

Read more about it here.

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