Venezuela: MEPs demand free presidential elections and an end to repression

Venezuela Maduro

Caracas, Venezuela Demonstrators set a truck on fire (Andrés Gerlotti, Unsplash)

This article is brought to you in association with the European Parliament.

The European Parliament backed on Thursday a peaceful solution for Venezuela via free, transparent and credible presidential elections.

With 310 votes to 120 and 152 abstentions, plenary passed the second resolution this year on Venezuela (the tenth one since the beginning of the current parliamentary term). MEPs condemn the “fierce repression and violence” and reiterate their deep concern at the unprecedented humanitarian and political crisis in the country.

Venezuela is facing a shortage of medicines and food, massive human rights violations, hyperinflation, political oppression, corruption and violence, the text notes. Poverty has reached 87% of the population and millions of Venezuelans have fled the country, it adds. MEPs also refer to the recent electricity outages, which have aggravated the already dramatic healthcare crisis.

Support to Guaidó’s roadmap

The Chamber confirms that it recognises Juan Guaidó as the legitimate interim President of Venezuela and expresses its full support for his roadmap, namely putting an end to illegitimate claims to power, establishing a national transitional government and holding snap presidential elections. MEPs call on the EU member states that have not yet recognised Guaidó to do so urgently.

Stop harassment and detentions of journalists and politicians

Parliament calls on the “Maduro illegal regime” to stop harassment, detentions and all forms of repression against journalists, political leaders and members of Juan Guaidó’s team, including his chief of staff, Roberto Marrero.

Humanitarian aid and migratory crisis

MEPs denounce that last month, despite the already limited food supplies in Venezuela being at risk of spoiling, the humanitarian aid offered by Colombia and Brazil was fiercely rejected and in some cases destroyed by the regime.

The resolution also points to the increased migratory crisis across the entire region, recognising the efforts and solidarity shown by neighbouring countries. MEPs demand the European Commission continue cooperating with these countries, not only by providing humanitarian assistance, but also by offering more resources.

Additional EU sanctions

Parliament finally calls for additional EU sanctions targeting illegitimate state authorities’ assets abroad and those individuals responsible for human rights breaches and repression. It suggests visa bans for these individuals, as well as of their closest relatives.

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