A Sting Exclusive: “The EU Cybersecurity Act for a more secure and cyber-resilient European Digital Single Market”, by EU Commissioner Gabriel

Commisisoner Gabriel 2019

Visit of Mariya Gabriel, Member of the EC in charge of Digital Economy and Society, to Berlin.© European Union , 2019 / Photo: Adam Berry.

This article was exclusively written and published for The European Sting by Ms. Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner in charge of Digital Economy and Society. The opinions expressed in this article belong to our distinguished writer.

The European Cybersecurity Act will help us step up our cybersecurity in the EU.

The Cybersecurity Act is one of the key initiatives of the Digital Single Market strategy.

It reinforces and makes permanent the mandate of ENISA, the EU’s Cybersecurity Agency.

The new ENISA will contribute to Europe’s cyber resilience and it will do so in particular through its role in the implementation of the new European Cybersecurity Certification Framework for products and services. European consumers will be better informed about the security of what they use and industry will get cheaper and faster certification for their products – valid EU-wide.

Together with all the other measures that we have already taken at European level (for example the Network and Information Systems Security (or NIS) Directive which had to be implemented in Member State law since May 2018), the Cybersecurity Act will position the EU as a global digital leader with an advanced cybersecurity regulatory framework.

Cybersecurity is high priority for the European Union and the European Commission will continue its efforts for a safer digital future for the citizens and businesses of Europe.







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