China’s Ambassador to the EU Zhang Ming wishes to Brussels a Happy 2019 Year of the Pig

Ambassador Zhang Ming Flagey 2019 Year of the Pig

HE Ambassador of China to the EU, Mr. Zhang Ming, addresses the attendees of China’s New Year Congress at the Flagey Concert Hall (The European Sting, 2019)

It was yesterday that the Chinese Mission to EU chose to welcome Brussels to the festivities of the 2019 New Year of The Pig. The official celebration in Brussels took place at the Flagey Concert Hall with high level participants from the European institutions as well as various diplomatic missions in Brussels.

The occasion was exquisitely celebrated by a state of the art concert performed by the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and directed by China’s world-renowned conductor and UNESCO Global Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. Tan Dun. Founded in 1957, the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra is one of the most prominent orchestras in China that enjoys international reputation around the world. The Orchestra has a diverse repertoire ranging from Baroque to modern pieces.

As for the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador who skilfully directed the concert, he is world renowned for conducting musical compositions and merge the traditions of the East with the West. A fine example of that at yesterday’s concert was naturally his choice in the piano of Mr. Ralph van Raat, a famous recitalist from the Netherlands. At the same time, prominent role in the concert was played by Ms. Wenwen Liu, Suona Soloist and Ms. Wenqing Lian, a star of the Peking Opera. The concert’s result was incredibly performed by Tan Dun and his large orchestra performing Igor Stravinsky’s pieces together with Tan Dun’s symphonic compositions.

Tan Dun’s work, which Brussels had a unique privilege to enjoy yesterday at Flagey Concert Hall, has already earned a Grammy Award (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and has been nominated for various others (The First Emperor, Marco Polo, Pipa Concerto).

At the concert’s introduction, the Ambassador of China to the EU welcomed his high level guests to the 2019 Year of the Pig, a “good year” of affluence according to the Chinese tradition. HE Ambassador Zhang Ming underlined his sincere and strong will to enhance China’s cooperation with the EU in 2019. He also addressed his fondest wishes for the China-EU relations in the upcoming Year of the Pig.


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