On their epic journeys, migratory birds connect nations and inspire people, UN says on World Day








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Stopping antimicrobial resistance would cost just USD 2 per person a year

Why growth is now a one way road for Eurozone

‘Two pack’ austerity package in force but with less vigor

A new Europe for people, planet and prosperity for all

UK’s Cameron takes the field to speed up TTIP talks. Will “rocket boosters” work?

Deeper reforms in Germany will ensure more inclusive and sustainable growth

France is bringing back national service

Is our brave new world about to burst?

Drugs cost too much. There is a better way to fund medical innovation

Bayer-Monsanto merger: the story of the rise of the “endless company”

On our way to China

ECB should offer more and cheaper liquidity if Eurozone is to avoid recession

Why is Merkel’s Germany so liberal with the refugees? Did the last elections change that?

One year on: EU-Canada trade agreement delivers positive results

Hunger and obesity in Latin America and the Caribbean compounded by inequality: UN report

French full-body veil ban, violated women’s freedom of religion: UN Human Rights Committee

Alcoholic drinks: Commission tables update of rules governing alcohol excise duties

How to stop plastic pollution at source

Better air pollution data is helping us all breathe easier. Here’s how

The Next Web 2014, the biggest European conference on Internet so far and the Absence of Brussels from Amsterdam

Who cares about the unity of Ukraine?

South Korea: A cherished partner for the EU

Facebook/Cambridge Analytica: MEPs pursue personal data breaches probe

“Who do I call if I want to call Europe?” Finally a name and a number to answer Henry Kissinger’s question

The future of science could be in your gut. Here’s why

Space science now a ‘fundamental pillar’ of 21st century human development: top UN space official

7 amazing ways artificial intelligence is used in healthcare

Catalonia secessionist leader takes Flemish ‘cover’; Spain risks more jingoist violence

US cities are going to keep getting hotter

Haitian President at General Assembly calls for essential development aid as UN mission shifts away from peacekeeping

African economies sustain progress in domestic resource mobilisation

Working Muslim women are a trillion-dollar market

PM May fosters chauvinism, declares trade war on Europe

CDU-SPD agree the terms for EU’s Banking Union

Living in the mouth of the shark: we are all refugees

Is there a chance for the West to win the war on terror?

Health Education, is it a necessity?

IMF’s Lagarde indirectly cautioned Eurozone on deflation

Why do medical students have to emigrate to become doctors in 2017?

Vestager vs. Google: a fight to ensure a competitive innovation framework

Greece’s last Eurogroup or the beginning of a new solid European Union?

Greenpeace’s saints and sinners in the tech world

Gender Equality and medicine in the 21st Century: we want the fair share

Change is happening – and young people are leading the way forward

Parliament compromises on Banking Union but sends market abusers to jail

Assembly of European Regions @ European Business Summit 2014: Made in Europe – Made of Regions

The European Youth Forum needs better signal for its “call” for Quality Internships

Why Indian students are going abroad to become Doctors?

Humanitarian aid convoy to Syria’s Rukban camp: Mission Accomplished

Fail fast, fail better: 3 ways companies can master innovation

G20 starts to tackle inequality

Finally an answer to the hottest question of European youth today: How to make sure Juncker’s Investment Plan works for youth

EU Commission expects consumer spending to unlock growth

We need greater protection for our oceans. We can’t let politics stand in the way

A Sting Exclusive: “Infrastructure can lay the groundwork for the Sustainable Development Goals” by Mr Fulai Sheng, UN Environment Senior Economist

European Youth Event 2016 – bridge between youth and policy makers

‘Step backwards’ for Bosnia’s autonomous Serb region as assembly reneges on Srebrenica genocide report

Much more than a ‘lifeline’ for millions of households, remittances can spur global growth, says UN agency

Who is culpable in the EU for Ukraine’s defection to Russia?

Germany may prove right rejecting Commission’s bank resolution scheme

How we overhauled healthcare amid Venezuela’s crisis

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