Execution of juvenile offender in Iran ‘deeply distressing’ – UN rights chief














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These campaigners want to give a quarter of the UK back to nature

How to build a more resilient and inclusive global system

Stopping antimicrobial resistance would cost just USD 2 per person a year

IMF: Sorry Greece, Ireland, Portugal we were wrong!

Japan’s population is shrinking by a quarter of a million people every year

The mother of all fights about inflation, growth and banks

Nordic noir: The unhappiness epidemic affecting young people in the world’s happiest countries

A Sting Exclusive: “Junior Enterprises themselves carry out projects focusing on the environment”, JADE President Daniela Runchi highlights from Brussels

The unique role of business in building social good

“Is Europe innovative? Oh, Yes we are very innovative!”, Director General of the European Commission Mr Robert-Jan Smits on another Sting Exclusive

A challenge for inclusion in the Dominican Republic’s health care services

Make this the year of ‘transformative solutions’ to avert disastrous climate change: UN Deputy Chief

Four million have now fled Venezuela, UN ramps up aid to children who remain

The DNA of the future retail CEO

Forests ‘essential’ for the future, UN agriculture chief spells out in new report

Youth and Participation: are the people rising up in Spain? 

Parliament cuts own spending to facilitate agreement on EU budget

‘A new chapter’ dawns for democracy in Guinea-Bissau: top UN official

Travel the world, find yourself

FROM THE FIELD: Rohingya babies conceived out of ‘incomprehensible brutality’

Facts and prejudices about work

EU deal on electricity market rules to benefit both consumers and environment

European Youth Capital 2018 : Cascais

UN News Daily #UNGA Guide: Mandela Peace Summit, Global Goals, Youth and Yemen

Can the banking union help Eurozone counter its imminent threats?

Scientists just got closer to making nuclear fusion work

EU Migrant Crisis: Italian Coast Guard Headquarters and Italian Navy to give host national opening addresses at Border Security 2016 in Rome

The global liberal order is in trouble – can it be salvaged, or will it be replaced?

Thursday’s Daily Brief: Albinism, displacement in Central America, family-friendly nations, updates on the Gulf and Darfur

The fatal consequences of troika’s blind austerity policy

How to tap the talents of refugees – one student at a time

Protecting whistle-blowers: new EU-wide rules approved

Time to say goodbye to the plastic straw. But what’s the best alternative?

Zero carbon by 2050 is possible. Here is what we need to do

Girls still being treated as aliens in medicine in the 21st century

Is there a drug for every disease?

‘Crippling to our credibility’ that number of women peacekeepers is so low: UN chief

Main results of G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Trump wants to implicate China in US attacks against global order

GSMA Announces New Speakers for Mobile 360 Series – MENA, in association with The European Sting

COP21 Business update: Companies urge now for carbon pricing as coal is still a big issue

Why the Greeks forgave Tsipras’ pirouettes around austerity and voted again for SYRIZA

Council’s position on Visa Directive a step back for young people’s mobility

SPB TV @ MWC14: The TV of the Future

Fighting forest fires in Europe – how it works

African continent ‘an example of solidarity’ towards migrants and refugees: UN chief

Sustainability is now mission critical for businesses. Here’s why

The Japanese have a word to help them be less wasteful – ‘mottainai’

Spending another 3 billion euros on Turkey feels better than admitting EU’s failure

The EU Commission openly repudiates the austere economic policies

COP21 Breaking News: “We must accelerate the process”, Laurent Fabius cries out from Paris

How Africa’s entrepreneurs are changing the direction of globalization

Mine action is at ‘the nexus’ of peace, security and development: UN official

Brussels waits for the Germans to arrive

Athens urged to fast track asylum seekers amid island shelters crisis – UNHCR

UN ready to rise above political fray and help Venezuelans based ‘on need, and need alone’

Portugal: €4.66 million in aid for 1,460 dismissed workers and jobless young

How to beat gender stereotypes: learn, speak up and react

5 ways to fast-track the transition to a carbon neutral world

June infringements package: key decisions

Meet the man who drove from the Netherlands to Australia without visiting a gas station

‘Wanton destruction’ in Sudan’s Darfur region, ‘blatant violation’ of international law

Germany is the world’s most innovative economy

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