Youth2030: UN chief launches bold new strategy for young people ‘to lead’

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Can we feed everyone without unleashing disaster? Read on

These campaigners want to give a quarter of the UK back to nature

How to build a more resilient and inclusive global system

Stopping antimicrobial resistance would cost just USD 2 per person a year

Cryptocurrency mining could become the new face of energy storage. Here’s how

Mental Health in the COVID-19 era

Japan’s population is shrinking by a quarter of a million people every year

Iceland’s slowdown underlines the need to fix structural issues

Mali: ‘Dire’ humanitarian situation, ‘grave’ security concerns challenge fragile peace

Superbugs: MEPs advocate further measures to curb use of antimicrobials

COP21 Breaking News: China has promised to cut emissions from its coal power plants by 60% by 2020

‘BioSolar Leaves’ are better at cleaning the air than trees, say the technology’s developers

UNICEF delivers medical supplies to Gaza in wake of deadly protests

Sudzha gas metering station at Russian-Ukrainian border (Copyright: Gazprom, 2015 / Gazprom’s website, Media)

Gazprom starts suspending gas contracts with Ukraine as Brussels fears limited transit to Europe

A Sting Exclusive: “China-Africa Cooperation Sets a Fine Example of South-South Cooperation”, by China’s Ambassador to EU

Why ‘video call fatigue’ might be making you tired during lockdown – and how to beat it

A new arrangement between Eurozone’s haves and have-nots

A record one million Syrians displaced over six months, during six key battles: UN investigators

Africa-Europe Alliance: EU boosts pan-African Internet connectivity with €30 million

France is building a village for people with Alzheimer’s

‘Never give up’: UN chief urges all who serve, marking UN Day

This mobile laundry gives homeless people free showers and washes their clothes

UN rights chief ‘alarmed’ by upsurge in attacks against civilians in Syria’s Idlib

Easing US-China trade tensions could save millions of jobs: Asia-Pacific UN report

Eurozone: Retail sales and inflation point to recession

‘Climate change is the battle of my life’, UN chief tells students living on the frontline in Fiji

Ukraine undecided over a strategic partnership with the EU

Resolving banks with depositors’ money?

We must stop a devastating ‘battle to the end’ in southwest Syria, declares UN envoy

Commission caps charges on card and Internet payments and enforces competition

Blockchain will make sure green pledges aren’t just greenwash: a new initiative by young leaders at the World Economic Forum

More women and girls needed in the sciences to solve world’s biggest challenges

Road use charges: reforms aim to improve fairness and environmental protection

Travel the world, find yourself

Safer roads: EU lawmakers agree on life-saving technologies for new vehicles

How the EU sees its own and Russia’s role in Ukraine

GSMA Mobile 360 – Latin America at Mexico City: Intelligently Connecting to a Better Future, in association with The European Sting

Wages are flatlining around the world – is automation to blame?

Treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons marks first anniversary, but still lacks sufficient numbers to become law

New systemic approach needed to tackle global challenges

How quantum computing could beat climate change

UN, global health agencies sound alarm on drug-resistant infections; new recommendations to reduce ‘staggering number’ of future deaths

Who is responsible for public health? The tendencies and its benefits –or not– on Health Education around the world

Historic first, as Tolstoy’s War and Peace lands in Geneva, to mark international centenary

The Great Reset and digital trust: 3 lessons on digital tools from the COVID-19 crisis

UPDATED: Thousands flee fighting around Libyan capital as Guterres condemns escalation, urges ‘immediate halt’ to all military operations

Monday’s Daily Brief: global homicide figures, neo-Nazi recruitment, Kashmir, and migrants’ plight in USA

The Stray

Plastic is a global problem. It’s also a global opportunity

From Model T to EV: a short history of motor vehicle manufacturing

COP21 Breaking News_05 December: UN Secretary-General Announces “Climate Action 2016” Partnership

EU budget: Reinforcing Europe’s cultural and creative sectors

Continuing incarceration of women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia, ‘reprehensible’: UN experts

Ebola Outbreak in Democratic Republic Congo is ‘largely contained’: WHO

Thursday’s Daily Brief: Albinism, displacement in Central America, family-friendly nations, updates on the Gulf and Darfur

UN chief calls for ‘a fair globalization’ with first-ever Global Goals Summit

Brexit: Citizens’ rights remain a key priority for MEPs

OECD: Mind the financial gap that lies ahead

Coronavirus: EU Civil Protection Mechanism activated for the repatriation of EU citizens

Can climate change wait for the US to rejoin the Paris agreement?

The vital role played by logistics during humanitarian crises

Peru should help more young vulnerable people into work

5G and the growing need for national CTOs

Women’s empowerment ‘essential to global progress’ says Guterres, marking International Day

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