‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ clean-up project launches trial run: UN Environment

A trial run of an innovative system designed to clean up the world’s seas and oceans, founded by UN Environment Programme (UNEP)  “Champion of the Earth” laureate Boyan Slat, has set off from San Francisco, in a bid to begin the removal of the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

This huge mass of marine debris, situated in the North Pacific Ocean, halfway between the Californian coast and Hawaii, is estimated by Mr. Slat’s Ocean Cleanup organization to measure 1.6 million square kilometres – 3 times the size of France – and contain 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic. That amounts to 250 pieces for every person on the planet.

The long-awaited launch of the first deployable model of the marine litter collection system, named “System 001”, took place on Saturday at the Golden Gate Bridge, following four years of research and adjustments.

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