The UK option: An overarching alternative for the whole Brexit options

_Theresa May 2018

From left to right: Ms Theresa MAY, UK Prime Minister; Mr Donald TUSK, President of the European Council. Shoot location: London – UNITED KINGDOM Shoot date: 25/06/2018 Copyright: European Union.

This article was exclusively written for The Sting by one of our passionate readers, Dr Ali Albasha. The opinions expressed within reflect only the writer’s views and not The European Sting’s position on the issue.

As a fait accompli, the UK has made up mind to exit the EU by March 2019, which entails the analysts, politicians and the UK statutory authorities represented by the UK Government, House of Commons and House of Lords to excessively scrutinise and deliberate the proposed scenarios in long marathonic debates. The DExEU also takes a major part in tackling the mechanism and collateral issues to facilitate this barriers’ skipping.

The sheer number of the Brexit negotiations might hither take longer than scheduled because the framework is not to that degree honest to replenish and would put the UK despite the all-out tireless efforts in the horns of a dilemma. Obstacles like Irish border and the golden four free movements for example, could not be avoidable unless all-in-one package sought, in which the UK might not need a ‘Trojan Horse’ plan to widely open the ajar doors with Europe.

The main Brexit scenarios are the only options on the table, so what is called the Norwegian style is less confused for the UK but seems to be ruled out, similarly the Swiss style with its huge number of agreements with EU, is not the preferential for the UK and so has the Turkey option no access to the EU’s internal market. The UK may consider the WTO choice a better destination than a chaotic or without no deal at all if there is no possibility to reach a real arrangement with Europe.

The propensity to CETA is the most likely palatable and wary anecdote in which the UK could contract with third countries but still asymmetrically vulnerable so in order to make it certain, three pluses (CETA+++) were added on, in whatever way it seems crippled and cumbersome solution to vie eagerly. The whole possible choices would not wreathe the UK a full partnership and in somehow would bind the UK to behave with one hand folded behind the back, even though the UK is ambitious to not lose Europe, it aspires to gain a ‘robust and concrete relationship’ with the EU Members and beyond as well. On both sides, the UK needs to develop an independent and self-determining deal which holds the features of the discretionary options integrated with the British dignity and so far, would technically engender the “UK Option”.

This “UK option” pattern would provide an opportunity to fill up the diverging gap between the UK and the EU, and would inevitably chain the UK with the potentialities. Afield, this conceivable ‘UK Option’ on the one hand, could be a quasi-combination between the Brexit options (Norwegian, Swiss, Canadian, Turkish or WTO) and the contiguous multi- international modeled agreements on the other hand in which the UK can find some spatial leeway to freely accede the European market and to contract without restrictions with third countries.

Suffice to say, this unwavering deal would be the most advantageous and bespoke partnership Post Brexit, the UK may seek.

About the author

Dr Ali Albasha a freelance writer and analyst, writing mainly on politics, educational issues and environment, with a particular focus on the Syrian crisis. He is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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