FROM THE FIELD: Weather reports come to aid of Uganda’s farmers

UN Uganda 2018

UNDP Uganda/Luke McPake Farmers in Uganda are facing increasingly erratic climatic conditions which are impacting on agricultural production.

This article is brought to you in association with the United Nations.

Farmers in Uganda are keeping their crop yields high, thanks to improved weather data supplied by the UN Development Programme (UNDP)-backed push to modernize climate monitoring systems.

The majority of farmers in the East African country rely on rain to grow crops, but as that rainfall becomes less reliable and drought conditions increase, agricultural production has suffered.

These changing weather patterns across the region are testing age-old farming practices, and making it harder for some growers to make a living and feed their families.

The Government of Uganda has responded by embarking on an ambitious plan to revolutionize its weather, water, and climate monitoring systems in order to provide farmers with better information about growing conditions.

It’s hoped the initiative will help build resilience when rainfall fails to arrive.

Click here to see exactly how the climate information is helping Ugandan farmers.


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FROM THE FIELD: Weather reports come to aid of Uganda’s farmers

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