Unlock the value proposition for Connected Insurance

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smart city and internet of things, various communication devices

(Insurance Nexus, 2018)

The insurance industry is under pressure. With the risk of commodification and a race to the bottom on one side, and a sea of insurtechs with cutting-edge technology on the other, traditional business models are being squeezed.

The adoption of IoT product paradigms enables significant benefits, both in terms of efficiency and growth. To put it simply, there is an urgent need for insurers to develop and deploy a connected insurance proposition fit for a connected and customer-first market.

For the full event details including speaker line-up and agenda, download the event brochure here. http://bit.ly/2oLBR3u

Join 300+ insurance executives at this conference designed as a one-stop shop for connected insurance, with our 2-day agenda packed with discussions on:

  • Create A Value Proposition Beyond Core Protection: Reimagine traditional risk-based coverage, refine your risk prevention strategy, and diversify your offering through personalised, relevant and compelling non-traditional insurance services
  • Deliver Exceptional Experiences That Your Customers Want To Pay For: Enter the everyday lives of today’s connected customers, get to know them and their habitats well, get to grips with their pain points, and develop a compelling value proposition that wins new business and cultivates loyalty
  • Lead Proactive Partnerships That Align Interests To Deliver Better Products And Services Than Each Partner Can Offer Alone: Confront the challenge of new entrants to the insurance market head-on, align interests to get your partnership strategy right, and foster powerful multi-industry partnerships that establish new and robust revenue streams
  • Transform Your CEO Into An Innovation Ambassador And Drive Cross-Enterprise Commitment That Guarantees To Impact The Core Business: Build an innovation culture that tackles inertia, amplify the business case to get buy-in from the board and business units, and nurture multi-functional project teams that bring the whole company along with you

For the full event details including speaker line-up and agenda, download the event brochure here. http://bit.ly/2oLBR3u

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