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Future Forces Forum

(Future Forces Forum, 2017)

The Czech Republic will host the 13th edition of specialized international meetings and exhibition FUTURE FORCES FORUM (FFF) in Prague on 17 – 19 October 2018. All events are primarily focused on presentations of needs of armed and security forces, state-of-the-art technologies, R&D programmes, and business opportunities, with interactions between all participants due to the interconnected topics.

The principal objective of the forum is to deal with current and future issues related to soldier/Police individual systems, CBRN and medical, training and simulation, autonomous systems and robotics, logistics, GeoMetOc, population protection, counter terrorism, organized crime, law enforcement, cyber security, innovative solutions and materials, etc. Another important aim is to facilitate an active engagement between allied countries, international organizations (NATO, EU, UN, OSCE, etc.), private sector and academia, as well as other relevant stakeholders across the globe.

These topics will be discussed in the framework of the FFF events, consisting of the NATO working groups’ sessions, congresses, conferences and workshops. An important part will be the Future Forces Exhibition offering an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to present latest innovations and technologies to the wide community of governmental, military, security, international organizations, and business representatives.

The FFF responds to the latest trends and needs in defence & security and helps to achieve the so much sought interoperability.

Become a part of the FFF as an exhibitor, speaker or audience and utilize from this global networking. Visit for detailed information or send your enquiry to

The FFF 2018 will comprise at least the following events:

  • Future Forces Exhibition
  • FUTURE FORCES INDIVIDUAL SYSTEMS Congress – International Industry Day
  • World CBRN & MEDICAL Congress
  • NATO MED CD&E (Concept Development & Experimentation) Workshop
  • NATO M&S COE Modelling & Simulation for Autonomous Systems Conference MESAS 2018
  • Future of CYBER – Smart Cyber Defence Workshops
  • Official NATO/EU Working Groups’ Sessions

GEN Petr PAVEL, M.A., Chairman of the Military Committee, NATO about FFF 2016

“Thanks to the project, Prague became one of the hubs for representatives of the international security community – businesses, military, politicians and experts – to meet and interact on high specialist level. The military always benefit from such collaborative efforts, no matter whether they generate improved weapon systems, communications, surveillance technology, new camouflage systems, ballistic protection, defence against weapons of mass destruction, medical equipment or seemingly simple, but indispensable and perfectly functional buckles on our harness.”







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