Entrepreneurship’s key to success showcased by a serial young entrepreneur

Exclusively written for the Sting by Mr Mohammed Rahman, a serial young entrepreneur affiliated with the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JADE).

Mohammed Rahman JADEAs a 24-year-old European youth with a degree, one should be working within a major company, grasping the knowledge and experience to attain a “strong” career and “healthy” bank account prior to then maybe venture out and establish one’s own business.

But being a generation Y (Millennial) kid as many of one’s own peer around UK & Europe, entrepreneurship is now no longer a “start later occupation” but if you believe in your idea – “start now not later occupation!”

Make your passion a profession & you will never work a day” – Working a 9 to 5 being paid a salary is more secure, individuals can budget their spending monthly and annually. Albeit this, entrepreneurs are people who take risks. Not because they are mad (majority of them are!) but they have a dream and drive who will ensure the world knows about it too.

Mad as they seem, a profit of €300 euro for the first year for an entrepreneur seems more worthwhile than an MBA qualified Management Consultant who earns €300,000 a year! Not that management consultants don’t like the profession or feel bored or that €300 profit for a year is a viable business per-se, but as an entrepreneur seeing your “OWN!” idea being fruitful and the general population demanding it-  the drive to push your passion increases ever more!

“Entrepreneurs – The only workers who love Mondays!” – Entrepreneurs don’t put the main goal to be the next billionaire (even though that would be great!), they do wake-up on Mondays to push their passion even more. To put this into perspective – 5 reasons why one would become an entrepreneur:

5. Want an exponential career progress within a short period of time. This could be for; monetary purposes, travelling the world and enjoying life!

4. Had enough of a 9-to-5 job (or don’t want it!) or maybe not being able to find a job, entrepreneurship is done out of necessity and/or to fill the “gap in the market” within a sector due to professional and/or personal experiences.

3. “Women speak about 20,000 words a day while men only speak 7,000” – We entrepreneurs talk about 100,000 words! This is because we never take a No! for an answer. We believe the world will benefit from our product/service we are offering.

2. A #Hashtag world –  With technological developments, an entrepreneur in 21st century doesn’t need a HQ. With technology increasing, building a social media profile, easy to do websites and efficient SEO techniques – a global approach with an instance at cost effective rate.

1. Innovate, change and integrate societies globally. We are dreamers but we are also the ones who put our all to change the lives of all around us, make our earth a better place to live and society to advance.

As nice as it is to be an entrepreneur, being one is not easy (trust me I know). Costs never reduce and you’re all the functions. But with determination your idea will become the next best thing!

About the writer

Mohammed Rahman writes about himself: At the age of 16, I became an Investment Banker in London and by 22 I had already worked for another 4 Investment Firms from UK, USA & Bangladesh. Till date I have worked for further 8 different companies within Management Consulting, Investment Banking & Accounting Sector. I attained a First Class honours degree in Accounting & Management whilst also being the Managing Director of a British Junior Enterprise (WBC-UK 2014-2015). I am currently venturing with 5 different start-ups as: Co-founder of 3 and Chief Executive/Client Officer of 2 based in California & London. 

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