China answers clearly to the European Commission’s investment negotiations with Taiwan

Mrs Xiaoyan Jiang is the Spokesperson of the Mission of the People's Republic of China to the European Union. Mrs Xiaoyan is depicted in the photo together with the European Sting's Editor in Chief, Mr Dennis Kefalakos, during the live interview taken at the Sting's pavilion in European Business Summit 2015.

Mrs Xiaoyan Jiang is the Spokesperson of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union. Mrs Xiaoyan is depicted in the photo together with the European Sting’s Editor in Chief, Mr Dennis Kefalakos, during the live interview taken last May at the Sting’s pavilion in European Business Summit 2015.

On October 14 the European Commission published a 26 page communication named “Trade for All: Towards a more responsible trade and investment policy“, where it describes a new investment approach of the EU.

Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner for Trade, declared on the matter: “We’ve listened to the debate”…”Europeans know that trade can deliver jobs, growth and investment for consumers, workers and small companies. And they want more of those results. But they don’t want to compromise on core principles like human rights, sustainable development around the world or high quality regulation and public services at home. And they want to know more about the negotiations we carry out in their name. So trade policy must become more effective, more transparent and more in tune with our values. In short, it must become more responsible. That’s what we’re doing today.”

The EU official communication touches various EU trade topics from TTIP to relations with WTO and investment in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Given the global importance of the matter, the European Sting asked the Chinese Mission to the EU how China sees this new EU trade approach. Mrs Xiaoyan Jiang, Spokesperson of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union replied to the question with a clear remark.

Question: It was reported that the European Commission will explore launching negotiations on investment with Taiwan, as outlined in its latest trade policy communication released on October 14. Do you have any comment?

Mrs Jiang: The Taiwan question involves China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and bears on China’s core interests. We do not object non-official trade and culture exchanges between Taiwan and countries or international entities having diplomatic relations with China, but oppose the development of official ties in any form.

Respect for China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and adherence to the one-China principle has been the EU’s long-standing political commitment. The EU side should bear in mind the overall interests of China-EU relations, earnestly honor its commitment to the one-China principle, deal with Taiwan-related issues with prudence and refrain from having any form of official exchanges or signing any official agreement with the Taiwan authorities.

About Mrs Jiang

Mrs Xiaoyan Jiang, currently the spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to EU, has held various high level diplomatic positions at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in Chinese diplomatic missions in Brussels and Moscow. She holds advanced postgraduate and graduate degrees in international affairs and law acquired in China and the UK.


  1. samir sardana says:

    If you analyse Chiang Kai Shek,and the elite of Taiwan – from the date of its creation,the leaders of Taiwan (in the majority) have been progressively getting closely integrated,with American-ism.The USA is the PAPA of Taiwan

    It is the natural corollary of time,when the opium of the people,is “capitalism and democracy”.It is a TRUTH that the people of HKSAR (before the hand over),Sinagpore and Taiwan,look down,upon the Mainland Chinese.This is a natural imputation,derived from years of Western Education,and Christian Philosophy (of Acquinas and Company).

    The result of the American Opium is that the KMT is also,tilting to the USA , for good

    Besides a brief interregnum in Taiwan Politics,the Political elite have always been Anti-PRC.Military procurement from the USA,and Trade with the USA,keeps the Political machinery well oiled,with the face of Lincoln,on the USD 100 bill.

    America is heading to a period of intense uncertainty and chaos – irrespective of the US poll outcome.THIS IS THE TIME FOR THE PLA TO STRIKE.dindooohindoo

    Ms Tsai knows that – and hence,the soft tone.

    Taiwan CANNOT BE defended. It is an Island.The only issue is,WHETHER US SOLDIERS,will die for Taiwan – like in the case of Vietnam.

    The more important question is that – WILL THE TAIWANESE people,lay down their lives,for their “capitalism and democracy”.

    I think NOT.

    In addition,the Taiwanese Military,will also,NOT die for their “capitalism and democracy”,once they see that the American BMD and ADS,cannot protect their airspace and their navy.

    An American can die for “capitalism and democracy” – even for a foreign nation and in a foreign nation – But a Taiwanese WILL NOT.

    But will an American,risk the PLA Rocket Force or Navy,making a move on Guam ?

    The answer is NO !

    And then there is DPRK – which is also awaiting the US Poll results.

    It is time for the PLA to end this poker game – as COVID is the greatest opportunity,after WW2,in the Asian Theatre.There will be another deadlier COVID,next year – but by then,nations will get,a false sense of resilience

    As of this instant,the world is in shock mode,with the geo-political shock,coming in 5 weeks (US Polls) and Taiwan is on a COVID high (as it has neutered the COVID Risk)

    COVID HIGH induces dementia,id.est., when the Taiwanese think that the Indians will secure Taiwanese interests !

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